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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Finally, my summer project report is over , (Mehnat rang lai) which has bothered me for last few weeks....
Because of which I couldn’t able to write any new blog........sleep properly…etc…
I'm getting…kind of relaxed feelings, but still i can feel the after effects of long hardwork… my head is still spinning coz I continuously worked for hours on my project since morning, yeah I know what you are thinking….about breaks…

In the mean time I’d many breaks like
Breakfast>>Internal exams>>Attended Meeting for improvement of net speed which always crawls(I'm part of student council, you know..)
>> lunch>>Evening tea with pakodas>>Dinner>>Milk (And also breaks includes all those things You know...#&%$#)

I was so busy with project report that I haven’t changed my dress since morning.. it is 3:12 am now…. still I’m in the same dress...

Right now I’m thinking about the Puja holidays and..…..
Good night…ooops Nimc/AiM mein kabhi raat nahin hoti hai…..( As Lakhwinder sir said to me during our interaction periods) so good morning.

Stairway to heaven

Monday, September 26, 2005

Space has fascinated me from decade, i always wanted to eXplore it, when i was a child i wanted to be an astronaut but as i grew up i felt that it is not a piece of cake that everyone can have it, but things are changing so fast that i believe within my life time i'll reach up there, today i read one article which has gave me hope.

"Space may still be the final frontier, but getting there could soon be almost as simple as stepping into the office lift at the start of the day. The race is on to build the first "space elevator' - long dismissed as science fiction - to carry people and materials into orbit along a cable thousands of miles long. Supporters of the elevator concept promise a future in space that is both cheap and accessible, and contrast it to Nasa's announcement last week that it will be relying on 40-year-old technology from the Apollo programme for its $105 billion plan to return to the Moon by 2018.

Check out complete news Stairway to heaven

Catching Upto Stay Ahead

Sunday, September 25, 2005

When the Google Talk system was release last month, it set tongue waggling not that there was a great deal to say about the product, a free, feature meagure instant-messaging and voice-over-internet chat system. But Google, without a clearly stated long term strategy, sets off buzz and speculation with every move it makes especially since it sold more than 14 million shares worth of $4.1 billion in stock offering last week.

Instant messaging is already well established, ofcourse, Yahoo, MSN, AOL have offered it for years and net telephony provider Skype (Now part of Ebay) has 51 million people using its system. So why would Google with an $80 Billion empire built entirely on search, bother playing catch up on a product that seems unlikely to earn it money?

The same reason a hotel offers free Wifi, hey are not doing it to make money on wifi, it is to get people to come to the hotel. Google has launched a raft of products this past year and its late entery into the software features war suggets that it wants users commited to the brand, not just the search box.

As Microsoft and Yahoo compete for the lucrative search market, Google is fighting back, Many of the leaders of Google come from come fromcompanies that have lost to Microsoft multiple time in the past SUN, Novell, Netscape. They are not going to sit back and just play defence, if offence is more their style, new plays are sent to unfold.

Feeling Down

Friday, September 23, 2005

yesterday Manisha (our Secretary student's affair) gave me work of handling technical things during Symposium 2005, which i could'nt refuse but later i realize that may be i wud'nt be able to do my job coz now days i sleep little late (coz i'm working on my project - last night i slept at 5 o'clock thanx to GPs delicious egg curry and egg tarka.....) so i'd told our another guy Jakhar [holding same position that i've,... wid engineering degree] that may be i could'nt be able to do my job, so you have to handle the situation. tODAY I woke up at 12:15 noon, i dressed myself according to Dress code OF Symposium, when reach at the field i found that he(jakhar) did'nt attented the job and our absence created a lots of problem, I really felt very bad, guilty and sorry for whatever scene has been created.

Tough Day....

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today was very tough day, till morning it was fine, I had paratha in our Mess then i came here at net lab to check out new mails after that i tried to put some new codes for new features in our LIfe at AIM-K blog everything was going smoothly and then i went outside but when i came back I found that somehow our blog was'nt working, i'd checked, double checked, triple checked........ but i could'nt able to figure out the problem, it took me hrs to find out the problem actually whole code somehow changed, somehow one extra link addded in front of every link and in my site if you go through you will find out there are so many links... today i learnt a lesson that it is always better to keep back ups......


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Microsoft and AOl fought bitterly during the browser waves of 90s and vied for dial-up customers before broadband and took off today they are loosing billions in ad revenue to Google and Yahoo. By consolidating their websites into a mammoth network, they could sell ads across the board.
Google raised $4.1 Billion through selling more than 14 million shares in stock offering last week and has been encroaching on microsoft's precious turf, the computer desktop. Microsoft is worried about falling further behind Google in the web search races and would love to get AOL to replace it's Goole search with microsoft's. The AOL unit could fetch as much as $20 Billion on the market, and spinning of a piece in a joint venture with Microsoft would ease the pressure on Time warner's Parsons to generate higher returns for share holders.
So what do you think MSN+AOL>Google?
can this new formula beat Google?
For me answer is simple... No !
What do you think?

My Beliefs!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I have been asked many times by people throughout my life what my religious views are, recently I discussed with my very close friend of mine upon the topic "Is God is a truth or is it a lie which has been around so long that it has become truth ", so I have decided to post them for the whole world to see.

For those looking to categorize me, I am a "theist" as I am a firm believer in a "God" and a role in our lives, but not a believer in organized religion This definitely strokes atheism, agnosticism and others off the list. I belive that if there is God then he must be the only one, it is the people who found him in different way and address him with different name, it is our perception who percieved him differently, for me god is only one power, only truth who created this universe (and multiverse) and gave us opportunity to explore it by making it so huge and vast.

I'm raised by religious parents, who have strong faith upon god, they only believes on what their religion says but for me there is no religion because religion divides people and divided people divide god which is against my faith and beliefs.

I believe a God initiated life, evidence seems to indicate it originated in a Big Bang like event; and as far as I am concerned, I am perfectly fine with that explanation. I'll try not to get too deep with my views, but give a bare bones run-down. I think life is too wonderful and beautiful for it to be an accident or a random occurrence; to me, science and creationism are totally different topics, not conflicting. Science is amazing at describing how things move and deriving laws and theories which have very valid applications in life. What science will never be able to do is explain why mass attracts mass, why constants are the values they are, how everything was created to work so seamlessly together to form what we know as "life". For example: Statistically our bodies should not function (complex molecules in our bodies absorbed by membranes cannot randomly enter in the speed it does), molecules should not form (molecules form to lower energy, but reaction mechanisms must form complex unstable molecules, before lowering energies).

God has created many great things and they all work together seamlessly almost magically. For all these infinite systems to integrate so flawlessly and with such positive characteristics in all its various forms; i have no doubt it was knowingly engineered. He has created life so simple with such a complex mechanism
such that it will take humans many centuries to understand it and replicate it.

Also, I like to think there is something greater beyond our petty lives with governing morals and reasons to be good. A universal conscience inherent of all beings on earth; a right and wrong to continue the positive nature of the global ecosystem for all eternity. I also believe in an underlying moral system for the purpose of punishing those who do ‘bad’ during their lives; as many people knowingly do harm, they deserve severe punishment. I am a firm believer that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction and this extends beyond our brief period of life.

I strongly beleive on God's balancing theory. He'd created the whole universe in such way that it balance itself, everything is automatic here, like nature, ecosystem where food chain cycle, water cycle, natures recycling sytems and all other things are designed in a equillibrium manner and if we try disturb it, nature tries to show it's extreme after effect in the form of hurricane, storm, earthquake etc. which ultimately recycle everything and make it as before.

For key issues in today's society, god would not hold form of religion against any faith, unless the humane moral framework was broken. Therefore terrorism in the name of god is condemned, forcing your views on others is condemned, any form of fighting in the name of god. Sexual relationships in a loving and caring manner would not be looked down upon as it is a natural practice inherent in many aspects of life; humans are no different than animals.
Consciousness is another main part of my beliefs; for example, animals have instincts, part of the design of life is to have this and if creatures unknowingly act un-morally, "god" cannot hold that against them.

So that's it for now I guess...maybe I am an idealist to think this, but I don't look down on anyone who thinks otherwise, as we all don't know. Trying to explain the unknown logically is impossible; all we can do is assume and guess.

Rajesh Kumar Rana

About Me

Thursday, September 15, 2005


  1. Name – Rajesh Rana

  2. Filename – SaCreD MaTriX

  3. Place of Birth - Kingdom of Himalaya


  1. Height – 5’ 8”

  2. Short? – Yes

  3. Age – 24

  4. DOB – 29 Aug

  5. Skin – Brown

  6. Eyes – Black

  7. Hair – Black

  8. Body – Athletic & Muscular

  9. Specs? – No

  10. Eyesight – 6/6

  11. Location – AIM Kolkata, India.


  1. Shy – Yes, very, though not that much online…

  2. Lonely – Yes, no girlfriend..

  3. Angry – Never until pushed over the edge.

  4. Happy – Sometimes

  5. Sad – Mostly

  6. Coffee or Tea? – Coffee

  7. Lazy? – Sometimes, but manage to finish all work in time.

  8. Hot Or Cold water? – Cold

  9. Dog or Cat? – Dog

  10. Preferred tongue – English

  11. Known tongues – Hindi, Nepali and Bengali

  12. Fluent in English? - Yes in writing, not best in speaking, tongue-slips sometimes

  13. Dated? – Never

  14. In Love? – Not currently


  1. Music? – Sometimes

  2. Favorite band – Linkin Park

  3. Favorite song – In The End

  4. Favorite Lyric-Song – Somewhere I Belong

  5. Favorite Lyric Line – “You Like to Think you’re Never Wrong” in LP – Points of Authority.

  6. Favorite Music Video – Green Day – American Idiot

  7. Rap or Rock or Pop? – Rock (Medium)

  8. Movie (Comedy) – Address Unknown

  9. Movie (Fantasy-Sci-fi) – The Matrix Trilogy

  10. Movie (Action) – True Lies

  11. Movie (General) – A Beautiful Life

  12. Movie (Hindi) – Kal Ho Na Ho

  13. Actor – Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks

  14. Actress – Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba, Emma Watson

  15. Gaming? – Rarely

  16. Favorite Game – NFS MW

  17. Genre preferred – Racing

  18. Leisure Games – Cue Club, Pocket tank, Tank-o-box

  19. Hated genre – First-Person-Shooter, Tactical FPS

  20. Want to play – Enter The Matrix, Path of Neo.

  21. Most hated game – Doom, Half-Life, and Quake

  22. Favorite game character – Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

  23. Magazines subscribed to – CHIP “Intelligent Computing” and DIGIT “Your Technology Navigator”

  24. Concerts been to – Moksha @ Saarang-IIT in 2001 (Yeah, only 1, I don’t like them much.)

  25. Favorite cartoon – Tom and Jerry

  26. Favorite cartoon character – Jerry

  27. Favorite anime cartoon – Dragonball Z

  28. Favorite anime character – Vegeta in Dragonball Z

  29. Favorite Cartoon Dialogue – “Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha…” – Goku in Dragonball Z

  30. Favorite comics – All of Super Commando Dhruva

  31. Favorite comic hero – Super Commando Dhruva

  32. Favorite comic villain – Mahamanv (in Super Commando Dhruva)


  1. Name of computer – Kayastha

  2. Processor – Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz

  3. RAM = 256 MB DDR ( I know I need it to upgrade)

  4. Motherboard – Intel Original 865 GBF

  5. Hard Disk – Seagate 80 GB Barracuda 7200 rpm

  6. Monitor – Samsung Samtron 15-inch

  7. Keyboard – TVS Champ( I changed it many times)

  8. Mouse – Amkette Optical Standard Scroll (2 Button + 1 Wheel)

  9. Graphic Card – inbuilt I know I need it to purchase one)

  10. Drives – Asus CD-RW 52-24-52 x, Sony 1.44” Floppy Drive

  11. Speakers – I've joined my computer with my stereo system of Videocon

  12. Mobile Phone? – Yes, a Nokia 2100 (Phone sirf baat karne ke liye hota hai)

  13. Other gadgets? – A Timex Watch


  1. Play Sports? – Not much

  2. Which ones? – Cricket, Basket Ball, Football, Swimming, Volleyball, and Badminton.

  3. Favorite Sport (Watching) – Basketball, Swimming.

  4. Hobbies – Collection Sci - Fi news article

  5. Medals won – Best Cadet in all India NIC camp Delhi, Won man of the tournament in basketball chapionship, Won gold medal in Marketing quiz contest and webite develoment in Inferno B School competition.


  1. First webpage – Fznp (it's horrible but at that time I did'nt have slightest idea about website designing)

  2. First webpage – fznp index

  3. Yahoo ID – rajeshkumarrana[at]yahoo[dot]com

  4. Gtalk – rkrana[at]gmail[dot]com

  5. Domains owned – don't have money to own my own

  6. Preferred way of P2P – bearshare

  7. Favorite website – Google of course

  8. Favorite browser – Mozilla Firefox 1.5

  9. Favorite mail client – Outlook 2003 and Thunderbird 1.5

  10. Favorite messenger client – Yahoo! Live

  11. Connection speed – 256 kbps @ 32 kBps


  1. Matrix Logo Matrix Fan

  2. Linkin park Linkin Park Fan

Dance Party.....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Went to a Alumni Dance party last night.....
People were drinking. And if that wasn't bad enough, people got drunk.
Some people acted more drunk than they really were,
and some people acted less drunk than they should have been.

Many drinkers were 1st time drinkers, tried alcohol first time in their life,
not even just tried but they tried it really hard (5-7 pegs)......
I'd Left drinking 4 years (beer never tried hard drinks ever)......
recenlty left Cold Drinks also (its not good for health)......

I'm not a hard drinker but i'm hardcore dancer...dance really hard..till the last
breath in my body..... but last night i'd dance lightly and preserved energy to the
last moment of party....

Our Alumni coordinators(Anil And Chatto) organised alumni meet very well...
(three cheers for them)
Everybody enjoyed the party...

So many Confusions in life

Saturday, September 10, 2005

My life is full of confusion, I never able to decide what to do and what not to do..
My room mate always says that I should fix my priorities in my life to get rid out of the Confusion of your life....

Many times I fix my priorities and follow....
But...as time passes I forget I all my priorities....and again get confused...
I get stuck in dilemma of what to do & what not, what is right for me and what is not...
I might sounding pretty complex and confused.... and never learn
But picture from my side of canvas looks different...
I learn from my mistakes.. and continuously learn.....

(like i learned about love...never fall in love)

the biggest problem of my life...is..... choice
The problem is choice...
I’m can’t able to choose between two alternatives......
And another twist of the story is presence of so many alternatives
in my life, whose main reason is that.. I want to do many things in a short time
Which brings lots of alternatives and these alternatives brings confusion and
in confusion I take wrong decisions.....


Mail for Someone!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

I wrote this mail to one of my good friend
when he became frustrated from life and could'nt able to figure out whats
wrong in him...
so i decided to help him by make him to find out 'whats wrong in.. him ..by
himself'.....coz nobody is perfrect and everybody need some mental support
from their friends....

Gregor(name Changed), have i ever called u Gregor rarely....
i always call you Sweepor(name Changed), .. b'coz u call me CLC(computer Lab Coordinator) which i never like i even don't like when someone call me Rana...i prefer Rajesh..which is my name....

i would like to tell you one thing is that..

we should learn from our mistake...

and those who don't learn from their mistake and go on repeating the same mistake... such kind people never being accepted by a group or society... such kind of personality has to face consequences...

but the problem is that many people could'nt able to figure out what is wrong in them....

may be, bcoz nobody pinpoint out..and it became habitual and person feel that this normal..

i not writing this mail to pin point out someone's fault or teach someone...

coz i know from my past experience..
people never accept gyan from others and if someone try..people start make fun of that person..

so i'm not writing this mail to make fun of mine..

people also don't like the truth that they don't know anything and if someone tries to show this reality that you don't know anything....than they just screw you up..

so i'd also learn onething that never try to show the path.. its their life let them find their own path..
b'coz everybody has different life and destiny..

there was time when approx 8 years ago when i first came here ..this was the first time when i saw any big city.. so probably my thoughts were like of conservative type people ...

i was just like someone whom i won't pin point..
i use to think i'm the only
guy in school who knows everything..
i use to give lots to GK knowledge to
others(which people don't use to like at all)
i never wants to
understand others point of few and try to super impose my thoughts and beliefs (
which again people don't likes)

and most important thing is that i never use to accept that these things are wrong and i need to improove...
at that time nobody wants to do friendship with me... they just use to mock me....

then as time heal the wounds..i learned many things...

  1. i first delearned myself and learnt how to make friends and win others heart...
  2. i learnt that if you want to make good friends you have to be one..
  3. if you want to be get intrested by others you have to take interest on others...(those people who never show intrest in others concern....that kinda people..get least interested by others.. and thats the big fat fact)
  4. if you wanted to be appreciated by others ..appreciate others..
  5. if you wanted to be remembered by someone..never forget others birthday, name..etc....
  6. if u wanted to be popular among your friends..try to do good work..and never say repeatedly that i did it..i did it..then people thinks that you don't like to help jsut wanted to gain attention and importance like our D for dong(name changed) do..and he is how much popular you can figure out..
  7. if you wanted that others respect you... respect others even your juniors..
  8. don't try to impose any things upon..
  9. if somebody complains about you then there must be something inside you which must needed to get corrected and if someone repeatedly mock you and complains you then it means you are dumb and can't learn anything....it is better try to learn from mistake...
  10. remember that take others complain as feedback and opportunity to learn and correct yourself...
    never try to market yourself for being popular....
  11. it is true that having a good GK is a asset but we should always remember that we can't share this to everyone .... i know that vidya ko baatne se vidya badta hai.. but i also know that ..vidya murkho ko nahin deni cahiye nahin to lene ke dene pad jate hai.....
  12. Ignorance is the best way to be happy... try to ignore those who make fun of you and try to learn from those who complians you... i;m still learning how to ignore who make my fun by saying.... oye Nepali, Gurkha, Khukuriboy, Ghutna Budhi, and so many.. i don't want to give the clu otherwise from tomorrow you will make fun of mine... and i'd already told you i'm still learning how to ignore...i just can't ignore...
  13. and there are so many things i'd learn...which i wanted to share with that particular person.. but my mail already become so long and contains so many speeelingg and gramitical meestake that i don't want to continue because i don't like to revise anything and......
  14. Hope you understand me


i know that i'm breaking my siddhant of not giving buddhi to anyone like that but i felf that someone really need my experience....
don't proove me wrong ..by showing that...that particular person is not worthy of buddhi..
coz never give buddhi to murkha..and in this world everybody is murkh...
which means we should always avoid from practicing this habit....

hope.. i'll learn something from this mail by reaction from that someone person..
by the way who is this someone person..
i don't know do you khow who is he/she....
may be he the person who lies deep beneath everybody

Rajesh Kumar Rana


I got the following reply from him

hi Rajesh(though i wished 2 call u as Rana or CLC)

i m really very happy that u r onlt the one who has shown me the mirror
n unlike others who care ony to criticise others but don't bother to tell them
abt their faults , but u hav not only taken pain n effort to pin point falls but
also have provided sollutions to overcome these shortcomings .
i really
appreciate u not only for this but also for the simple way which u used for the
same .

plzz accept my sincere gratitude .
I'll try to unlearn n
learn these new stuff n practice them in practical life .
looking forword to
receive more from u in future.

take care

Naveen's Birthday...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Last Night(00:00) we had celebrated birthday of Naveen who is one of my good friends that i have in my life.... so we decided (Chanan and party+me) to give him a great memory for his birthday.... here in AIM we have a culture or trend to giving Pepsi which is just like birthday bumps...but in lying position....
this is how we celebrated his birthday...
The Passion Of Pepsi
Last Night there was a passion inside the student of AIM,
specially inside of MCA 5 And MBA 8 students
For Naveen Sharma...

People came up with new tools of pepsi which has never been seen before like
Iron Chain, Bamboo Stick etc...
I would like to wish Naveen Sharma...
Happy Birthday...

Basketball practice match

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Right now i'm coming from basketball court after having a tight practice match against Jha and Prabhu they play really well…but we won the match at the end…..

During match I got pissed off coz of some unknown person who entered into the game and start superimposing his orders... I play basketball.. the way I like it.. I don’t like that someone whom I even don’t know come and start messing around… at one point I got so pissed off that I wasn’t feeling playing anymore..
But controlled myself…

I don’t sometimes what happens to me…..

Sleepless Night

Last night, I couldn’t able to sleep properly

I went early to my bed around 00:00 AM because i go for morning walk at 6:30 in command hospital complex...

But something was bothering me..

1st I’d thought that sounds from my adjacent room (S1) was bothering me… not letting me to have tight sleep..

But later I realized that it is a feeling... feeling of excitement, which is not letting me, to go to the world of dreams where everything is possible..

Well I was excited about the possibilities and the things, which I wanted to do with the blog that I’d created…I was keep thinking about the use of blog..

Later I get up and went to Varad’s room because we don’t have computer in our room (1st we had two but both of them are now out of station)

I went to varad’s room where I’d told him about the new blog that I’d opened for our institute’s students.. he

also got very excited and he’d created his own blog and post his 1st blog in AIM-k blog.....

then came back to my room (S2)...and went to bed but still same feeling was bothering me...but this time i could'nt help my self from sleeping i slept at 4:00 AM...

today i wake at 12:00 PM..but thank god we did'nt had any classes today...


Welcome to my world

I've developed many websites but never developed any one of them for me...
But this time i'm creating Web Log or better known as Blog in which i'll...
express myself, my feelings, myexperience and lot more to the world...
this blog will be like my own world....

So i would like to welcome you to my World....