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Mail for Someone!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

I wrote this mail to one of my good friend
when he became frustrated from life and could'nt able to figure out whats
wrong in him...
so i decided to help him by make him to find out 'whats wrong in.. him ..by
himself'.....coz nobody is perfrect and everybody need some mental support
from their friends....

Gregor(name Changed), have i ever called u Gregor rarely....
i always call you Sweepor(name Changed), .. b'coz u call me CLC(computer Lab Coordinator) which i never like i even don't like when someone call me Rana...i prefer Rajesh..which is my name....

i would like to tell you one thing is that..

we should learn from our mistake...

and those who don't learn from their mistake and go on repeating the same mistake... such kind people never being accepted by a group or society... such kind of personality has to face consequences...

but the problem is that many people could'nt able to figure out what is wrong in them....

may be, bcoz nobody pinpoint out..and it became habitual and person feel that this normal..

i not writing this mail to pin point out someone's fault or teach someone...

coz i know from my past experience..
people never accept gyan from others and if someone try..people start make fun of that person..

so i'm not writing this mail to make fun of mine..

people also don't like the truth that they don't know anything and if someone tries to show this reality that you don't know anything....than they just screw you up..

so i'd also learn onething that never try to show the path.. its their life let them find their own path..
b'coz everybody has different life and destiny..

there was time when approx 8 years ago when i first came here ..this was the first time when i saw any big city.. so probably my thoughts were like of conservative type people ...

i was just like someone whom i won't pin point..
i use to think i'm the only
guy in school who knows everything..
i use to give lots to GK knowledge to
others(which people don't use to like at all)
i never wants to
understand others point of few and try to super impose my thoughts and beliefs (
which again people don't likes)

and most important thing is that i never use to accept that these things are wrong and i need to improove...
at that time nobody wants to do friendship with me... they just use to mock me....

then as time heal the wounds..i learned many things...

  1. i first delearned myself and learnt how to make friends and win others heart...
  2. i learnt that if you want to make good friends you have to be one..
  3. if you want to be get intrested by others you have to take interest on others...(those people who never show intrest in others concern....that kinda people..get least interested by others.. and thats the big fat fact)
  4. if you wanted to be appreciated by others ..appreciate others..
  5. if you wanted to be remembered by someone..never forget others birthday, name..etc....
  6. if u wanted to be popular among your friends..try to do good work..and never say repeatedly that i did it..i did it..then people thinks that you don't like to help jsut wanted to gain attention and importance like our D for dong(name changed) do..and he is how much popular you can figure out..
  7. if you wanted that others respect you... respect others even your juniors..
  8. don't try to impose any things upon..
  9. if somebody complains about you then there must be something inside you which must needed to get corrected and if someone repeatedly mock you and complains you then it means you are dumb and can't learn anything....it is better try to learn from mistake...
  10. remember that take others complain as feedback and opportunity to learn and correct yourself...
    never try to market yourself for being popular....
  11. it is true that having a good GK is a asset but we should always remember that we can't share this to everyone .... i know that vidya ko baatne se vidya badta hai.. but i also know that ..vidya murkho ko nahin deni cahiye nahin to lene ke dene pad jate hai.....
  12. Ignorance is the best way to be happy... try to ignore those who make fun of you and try to learn from those who complians you... i;m still learning how to ignore who make my fun by saying.... oye Nepali, Gurkha, Khukuriboy, Ghutna Budhi, and so many.. i don't want to give the clu otherwise from tomorrow you will make fun of mine... and i'd already told you i'm still learning how to ignore...i just can't ignore...
  13. and there are so many things i'd learn...which i wanted to share with that particular person.. but my mail already become so long and contains so many speeelingg and gramitical meestake that i don't want to continue because i don't like to revise anything and......
  14. Hope you understand me


i know that i'm breaking my siddhant of not giving buddhi to anyone like that but i felf that someone really need my experience....
don't proove me wrong ..by showing that...that particular person is not worthy of buddhi..
coz never give buddhi to murkha..and in this world everybody is murkh...
which means we should always avoid from practicing this habit....

hope.. i'll learn something from this mail by reaction from that someone person..
by the way who is this someone person..
i don't know do you khow who is he/she....
may be he the person who lies deep beneath everybody

Rajesh Kumar Rana


I got the following reply from him

hi Rajesh(though i wished 2 call u as Rana or CLC)

i m really very happy that u r onlt the one who has shown me the mirror
n unlike others who care ony to criticise others but don't bother to tell them
abt their faults , but u hav not only taken pain n effort to pin point falls but
also have provided sollutions to overcome these shortcomings .
i really
appreciate u not only for this but also for the simple way which u used for the
same .

plzz accept my sincere gratitude .
I'll try to unlearn n
learn these new stuff n practice them in practical life .
looking forword to
receive more from u in future.

take care

hi Rajesh.
Its pretty amazing i must say.... anyways i hope Gregor learnt a few tips from the above and moreover it is quite informative in its very existence and can act as an eyeopener even to a bystander.    

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