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Sleepless Night

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Last night, I couldn’t able to sleep properly

I went early to my bed around 00:00 AM because i go for morning walk at 6:30 in command hospital complex...

But something was bothering me..

1st I’d thought that sounds from my adjacent room (S1) was bothering me… not letting me to have tight sleep..

But later I realized that it is a feeling... feeling of excitement, which is not letting me, to go to the world of dreams where everything is possible..

Well I was excited about the possibilities and the things, which I wanted to do with the blog that I’d created…I was keep thinking about the use of blog..

Later I get up and went to Varad’s room because we don’t have computer in our room (1st we had two but both of them are now out of station)

I went to varad’s room where I’d told him about the new blog that I’d opened for our institute’s students.. he

also got very excited and he’d created his own blog and post his 1st blog in AIM-k blog.....

then came back to my room (S2)...and went to bed but still same feeling was bothering me...but this time i could'nt help my self from sleeping i slept at 4:00 AM...

today i wake at 12:00 PM..but thank god we did'nt had any classes today...


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