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The Worlds smallest Mp3 Player

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The DAH-1500i is a mp3 player loaded with features that will surprise anyone while drawing people from the ipod market. It is generically a mp3 player, but it also includes a FM tuner, LED display, voice recorder (that can record FM radio), clock, and stereo sound with five preset equilizer settings. For $130 you get the player with 1 gig of memory and some accesories (for $99 you can buy 512MB). Best yet it is a little smaller than a carmel --it is uner an inch cubed.

While it is the smallest Mp3, or at least the those features, it does not match up to the depth of an ipod's sound (particularly on the bass), it is making a good turn out. When the general masses of people are looking for the smaller Mp3s, the ipod nano has met recent criticizm for its easily broken screen, and so the DAH-1500i has a competitive edge. mobiBLU's DAH-1500i is only available at Walmart, and probably only at its website.

Even though the DAH-1500i does not have 100 gigs of space or the minute perfections of sound, I will defintely buy it for its features that I can really use (If I would have money).

PCMag Review
Product website

The smallest mp3 player yet loaded with voice recorder, FM tuner, LED display, clock, and plug and play.

One gig of space for available by plug and play.

sexy looks !!!!!!!!!!!11    

i think that is pasthetic and it would b lost easy!    

By Anonymous Anonymous on 10/08/2005 08:27:00 PM

@Amit : Yeah it is SeXy but not SeXier than iPod Nano

@Anony : You can wearit like locket    

wow ! it's really nice & with all the most leading features , i'm also using one mp3 player from last december , it's quite handy , but when i saw this , it's amazing , nice    

yeah it is nice....    

Well heres the thing why would anybody want something so small that you can lose it really fast, and i wouldnt pay as much as it cost, i wouldnt want to blow my money on something that i could lose easy. and yes it is like a keychain but if you fit it on your pants if your absent minded you could lose it by washing it, you coulds lose your pants...somehow, and if you fit it on a backpack theres books and everything that could smash it coming down to set it down, you could set your backpack down and someone could steel it. If you hooked it on your necklace it would be like who wants a hard cube around your neck. But the mp3 player itself is a good concept.    

By Anonymous webwizard on 1/18/2006 01:43:00 AM

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