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Exams phobia

Thursday, November 24, 2005

My 3rd semester exams are starting from 12th december and just before the exams i always encounter with strange problems, like feeling sleepy while studying, tendency of memory failure; whatever i read i forget, so i decided to deal with these problems, to tackle with 1st problem - i take bath before study or wash my face at regular interval. To tackle with memory problem i've started searching in google - about how to improve memory and i found many tips & techniques.
Is there anyone who better knows how to improve memory?
Coz here exams, does'nt test your talent, it does'nt test; how much you know about the subject, but here exams means how much you can record things in your brain and how efficiently you can vomit it on your answer sheet.

Memory Improvement Tools

The techniques it explains are particularly helpful in studying for exams or in situations where you need to remember detailed, structured information. They also make things like learning foreign languages and remembering people's names much easier.

This section is split into three parts: first of all, the introduction explains the principles behind the use of mnemonics.

We then discuss a range of individual tools that you can use to remember information. Finally we discuss how to use the skills in practice to remember peoples names, languages, exam information, etc.

While you are reading these articles, have a look at the memory technique book reviews and resources on the sidebars - these will help you to develop your memory skills further

Memory Improvement Tools

Introduction to Memory techniques

Remembering a Simple List - The Link Method and Story Method

Remembering Ordered Lists - The Number/Rhyme Mnemonic

Remembering Ordered Lists - The Number/Shape Mnemonic

Remembering Middle Length Lists - The Alphabet Technique

Remembering Long Lists - The Journey System

Remembering Grouped Information - The Roman Room System

Remembering Very Long Numbers - The Major System

Using Concept Maps to Remember Structured Information

Using Aide Memoires

How to... Learn a Foreign Language

How to... Remember Information for Exams

How to... Remember People's Names

How to... Remember Lists and Long Numbers

Other Memory Tools - Reviewed... - Our reviews of other important memory resources

Memory Resources

Download this section of Mind Tools in PDF format to read and print at your leisure

Subscribe to our newsletter - so we can tell you about new mind tools

So I see that in India students have same problems that in Italy... I try to do one of "excercise", but now i don't remember which... UAUAUAUA !
Hi Rajesh    

then try to remeber that for me please....    

My 7th sem exams starts on 23rd. So busy with my studies. Nice post at the right time.    

i think everybody's exams has started...... best of luck to all......    

you dont have to study for your exams. see its all depend on personal mental ability to gracp things. you can easily pass your exam through studing only in one day.
I have few tricks for if you are feeling sleepy you can try:::

1. pinch on your nose (center)
2. slap your chicks
3. have some coffee (Like we are doing right now: but off course on sunday)
4. try some photography
5. Try "sutta"
6. GeT biTTen yourSelF fRom mosquetos and ants.

P.S : The above are my own ideas and my roomies are not to be held responsible. All disputes will be discussed on http://sandeepmehla.blogspot.com/    

By Anonymous Mehla on 11/28/2005 02:30:00 AM

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