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The Search Engine Experiment

Monday, November 21, 2005

Who Really Has The Best Results?
A public experiment discovering which of the top three search engines (Google, Yahoo, or MSN) really offers the best results. By taking the test you also find out which engine you personally prefer (and it's a blind test, so prejudice won't effect the outcome).

OT: Hi Rajesh, I put your blog in my blogroll!
Rajesh FROM INDIA ...it's ok?! ;)


Thanx a lot... your are great... :)    

It looks like Kagliostro & Starsailor are going to increase your visit's numbers :P

Nice to meet you ;)

I'll return
Hi from Italy


Rajesh, do you saw my blog friends ?
Today Starsailor and me are joining in twinblog. Now i'm waiting for you for you.

On Starsailor blog there is your antipixel. When you want we do this thing!

Hi Rajesh    

When you place the mouse pointer over the comments number, its showing as commentscomments. Edit the template.    

<Robinik : Hi Rob, welcome to my home..

Kagliostro : hi, now days i'm facing two problems

1: my semester examination is coming near..
2: our server remains down...
that's why i could'nt able to devote much time in myblog...
and here yahoo mail is not opening......

i want to joing your blog to form triblog... :)

Suman : you don't worry i'll check it out..    

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