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Won, Lost and Learned

Sunday, November 13, 2005

As I always say there is no failure only learnings or we can say we never loose only learn something good out of it.

We had our annual inter-college fest – Inferno this weekend. I had participated in two events one in marketing and the other in Web designing. My marketing team members were Nidhi, Joydeep, Poonam & I, and Web designing team member were Naveen & I.

We spent about 4hrs. on the marketing case study and 40 minutes in Web designing. We bagged the 1st. position in marketing and 3rd. position in Web designing. This achievement was not at all possible without the help of my group members. But since I love to make website and it is also my hobby i really wanted to win the Web designing event, and as far as my feedback about both the events goes, i think i used my grey matter more in the f Web designing event, but unfortunately the two judge out of three being a marketing person and software designer were incompetent to understand the technical aspects which my group has presented and awarded the others as winners.

What i hated is not losing but the fact that i lost the 1st position because the judge could not look beyond his own fixed ideas and accept something new which even the worlds best Web designers would acknowledge.

Anyway later I told myself that, one should not always win, because until you don’t lose once in a while you don’t understand the value of winning. That really helped me to calm down and move on.

Not to mention that on Friday I and 5 of my friends had gone out to celebrate the Rs.1400 and gift coupons we got as prize money for the 1st. position. We had a nice time outside, i really loved those mutton briyani and chicken bharta…

Anyways the fest is over and now there are more important things to do, like our 3rd semester exams and our placements.

Life is like that sometimes you win some times you loose, but haar ke jitne walo to bazigar kehte hai    

By Anonymous Sheetal on 11/13/2005 03:29:00 PM


By Anonymous Mystic on 11/13/2005 03:32:00 PM

Ya dude chill! Its part of the game. Ur site is pretty cool. Regarding the monk who sold his ferrari review ... I kept abusing the the author while reading the book. All the things that he was saying, I some how knew them, cos i have been chilling out in the same style for quite some time now. I think, its really difficult to live like that whne u become very focused in life and have to work real hard to achieve them.

But, inspite of all the thrashing, i do remember all the principles !!
PS : I am adding you to my blog roll list .    

Suvajyoti @ - Thanx a lot....... i think you are right it is very hard to follow all the rules but still if we try we can make our life like that beautiful garden....    

3rd semester exams? - Which course are you doing if you don't mind me asking.    

I'm doing MBA [Marketing as major & Finace as minor]
what are you doing?    

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