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My Faith and beliefs

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I have been asked many times by people throughout my life what my religious views are, recently I discussed with my friend of mine upon my faith and beliefs, so I have decided to post them for the whole world to see.

For those looking to categorize me, I am a "theist" as I am a firm believer in a "God" and a role in our lives, but not a believer in organized religion This definitely strokes atheism, agnosticism and others off the list. I belive that if there is God then he must be the only one, it is the people who found him in different way and address him with different name, it is our perception who percieved him differently, for me god is only one power, only truth who created this universe (and multiverse) and gave us opportunity to explore it by making it so huge and vast.

I'm raised by religious parents, who have strong faith upon god, they only believes on what their religion says but for me there is no religion because religion divides people and divided people divide god which is against my faith and beliefs.

I believe a God initiated life, evidence seems to indicate it originated in a Big Bang like event; and as far as I am concerned, I am perfectly fine with that explanation. I'll try not to get too deep with my views, but give a bare bones run-down. I think life is too wonderful and beautiful for it to be an accident or a random occurrence; to me, science and creationism are totally different topics, not conflicting. Science is amazing at describing how things move and deriving laws and theories which have very valid applications in life. What science will never be able to do is explain why mass attracts mass, why constants are the values they are, how everything was created to work so seamlessly together to form what we know as "life". For example: Statistically our bodies should not function (complex molecules in our bodies absorbed by membranes cannot randomly enter in the speed it does), molecules should not form (molecules form to lower energy, but reaction mechanisms must form complex unstable molecules, before lowering energies).

God has created many great things and they all work together seamlessly almost magically. For all these infinite systems to integrate so flawlessly and with such positive characteristics in all its various forms; i have no doubt it was knowingly engineered. He has created life so simple with such a complex mechanism
such that it will take humans many centuries to understand it and replicate it.

Also, I like to think there is something greater beyond our petty lives with governing morals and reasons to be good. A universal conscience inherent of all beings on earth; a right and wrong to continue the positive nature of the global ecosystem for all eternity. I also believe in an underlying moral system for the purpose of punishing those who do ‘bad’ during their lives; as many people knowingly do harm, they deserve severe punishment. I am a firm believer that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction and this extends beyond our brief period of life.

I strongly beleive on God's balancing theory. He'd created the whole universe in such way that it balance itself, everything is automatic here, like nature, ecosystem where food chain cycle, water cycle, natures recycling sytems and all other things are designed in a equillibrium manner and if we try disturb it, nature tries to show it's extreme after effect in the form of hurricane, storm, earthquake etc. which ultimately recycle everything and make it as before.

For key issues in today's society, god would not hold form of religion against any faith, unless the humane moral framework was broken. Therefore terrorism in the name of god is condemned, forcing your views on others is condemned, any form of fighting in the name of god. Sexual relationships in a loving and caring manner would not be looked down upon as it is a natural practice inherent in many aspects of life; humans are no different than animals.

Consciousness is another main part of my beliefs; for example, animals have instincts, part of the design of life is to have this and if creatures unknowingly act un-morally, "god" cannot hold that against them.

So that's it for now I guess...maybe I am an idealist to think this, but I don't look down on anyone who thinks otherwise, as we all don't know. Trying to explain the unknown logically is impossible; all we can do is assume and guess.

Rajesh Kumar Rana

Hey there...whoaa..that's an extremely confident view :)...but I just had a few questions...well just 2 really...

(1) you say " there is no religion because religion divides people and divided people divide god which is against my faith and beliefs "....what makes u say that...:))....I mean as far as I know...there are so many religions out there that practise and preach peace within and amongst ourselves....:))

(2) Do you believe in after life or an eternal life ?    

@ No One:

1) I believe in God, believe in GOD and i believe that all religion are made by human beings to satisfy their need at certain poni of time and the need was to establish peace and order, which is very much applicable for that particular time, it's not like that those rules should be fully applicable at this point of time... and also with the course of time rules were bent and.....thats why so many religions came out from single religion....

2) If confused coz i'm not sure, if there is god then there must be life after death, also i belive that we are the part cosmic power and we'll meet ultimately to that power...    

@ Rajesh: thanks for replying to my questions...this entire post and feedback was extremely enlightening and its always interesting to know another's perspective on the subject of religion :) ...see ya.    

@ No One: thanx to you too for patiently reading my thoughts...... :)    

Your vision is typical of "enlighted man".
It's too much complicated for me to express my ideas about religion in english so you have to apologize me if anything phrase are not clear in the rest part of my comment.

1) About science : as you, I don't believe that science and religion are opposite. But I'm not agree with you about they regards different part of "cosmos".
For me science is the proof of God. The conflict between science and religion has been created by men. Mathematica is God language.
Instead there is a too old conception about God. For men God is miracle : this conception was created by man, also religious man, but men mind is little, very little respect God. They force God in their vision but God doesn't enter in little box thinked by man.
If I'll go on the moon and if I'll find there a Coca-Cola or anything form of "intelligent life" I'll not say that this is for case.
So I see mathematica and perfect relations between things and I don't understand as men can say that this is a joke or strange games...

There too many things that are too intelligent and not created by men ... As possible that someone can think that God doesn't exist ? Who create our world ?

2) About religion : if Gods exist than we ought remember He exists. Faith in God is a gift of God Himself : some people have much more faith than others so is not true that everyone have to do same things. But we have to "works" and "live" following our hearts.
It's very very beatiful that you cite heart in the following post (that in wicht you speak about seven things you like or not).
Feelings are very important and is the way God speak to us : so it's very important listen them and consequently to do the "RIGHT" thing. And there are occasion that right thing doesn't correspond to religion rules.
But religion is important : is a way to arrive at God, is the proof of your love, is the proof that you dedicate part of your life to God. So that time you dedicate at God is no lost time.

Hopefully to be clear, but this things are very difficult and I don't speak english very well.
But Rajesh you are a very special boy : your words are very "high". Compliments !!!    

@ Kagliostro: Thank you very much for your words they are really very enlighting..... i really respect and love your thoughts you.....

currently i don't have time for long reply but only thing i wanna say is that different religions are the different path that we follow, which leads to single destiny that is god...    

Well, well, It's quite interesting at times to talk to Theists.

I am an Agnostic, by the way. If it interests you, you should catch a glimpse of http://ideaquest.blogspot.com/2005/01/cosmic-child-meets-cybaba.html

Hmm, let's see if it does.    

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