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Seven things about me.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Seven Things I want to do in my life:

1) Travel around the World.

2) Space walk.

3) Sky diving.

4) Fly like birds.

5) Keep my parents always happy.

6) Bungee jumping.

7) Climb Mount Everest.

x) Beat Microsoft and Google.

x) Keep blogging.

Seven Things I can do:

1) Friendship.

2) Take awesome pictures.

3) Help strangers.

4) Somersault.

5) Dance.

6) Make websites.

7) Surf internet at slowest speed.

x) Cry with friends.

x) Can give good suggestions.

Seven Things I can't do:

1) Make girl friend.

2) Hurt someone.

3) Express my feelings.

4) Make food.

5) Stop surfing net.

6) Lie someone (When I try I always get caught, coz face speaks everything).

7) Hide my feelings (ironic with 2nd point. but it's just like that).

x) Have cigarette.

x) Deceive friends.

x) Revise whatever I write.

Seven Things I like:

1) Peace.

2) Help somebody.

3) Be with friends.

4) Listening to my favorite songs.

5) Surfing net.

6) When somebody post comments in my blog.

7) Exercise.

x) Work in team.

x) Open my own company.

x) Blogging.

x) Sleeping.

x) Dreaming.

x) Dancing.

x) Loved by others.

x) When somebody invite me to join the group.

x) When somebody include my blog in his/her blogroll.

x) Reading emails of friends.

Seven Things I don't like:

1) Ignorance (by friends).

2) When somebody try to play with my feelings.

3) Slow computers.

4) Lies.

5) Idle life.

6) Confusion.

7) Plastic girls.

x) Wake up early.

x) Deception.

x) Financial crisis.

x) Heart breaks.

x) Playing with someone's feeling.

x) Hurt someone.

x) Slow internet.

x) Red Tapism.

x) Politics.

x) Government job (lots of corruption is there)

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1) Simplicity.

2) Who understand me.

3) Strong and confident.

4) Athletic body.

5) Intelligent.

6) Blue eyes.

7) Long Hairs.

x) Long legs.

People I Tag:

1) Kagliostro.

2) Star Sailor.

3) No One (I really don't know her name).

4) Venkat.

5) Gazard.

6) Nidhi.

7) Poonam.

8) Santosh.

9) Nadi.

[Just tagged some of my regular readers...]

Also find some more fact about me

Nice to learn more about you...lol @ "slow internet" as one of the things you don't like...just cracked me up :P...:) btw hows the dial up connection in calcutta? have u guys got DSL cable there? even though u tweaked a bit of the tag...i will answer the "things i like and don't like" soon... but where are u gonna find a girl with blue eyes in india? ;)...good luck with that...take care and see ya.    

Well, we have ISDN in our hostel but it's really slow..... I like blue eyes girls...... but i also like black eyes....... ;)    

Hi Rajesh,
I like "Seven Things I can do": Help strangers.

I think you are a very nice guy and thanks so much again for helping me out. Now my blog look very nice with 'read more' thing. it's because of you!

Am glad I 'found' you. Pls. let me know if anything I can do for you.

ps. good luck with your blue eyes dream girl :-)

Take care..., Jasmine    

@ Jasmine : Hi....... welcome to my blog....you are most welcome... i hope i will see you in future also... a very happy new year to you...and best of luck for your great blog... :)    

Why only seven things?    

@ Venkat: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii welcome back and happy new year...... well there is no particular reason for Seven... its just bcoz... one of mine blog fren wrote seven things about her...thats why i wrote 7even.....    

really liked this blg of urs...its good way 2 understand urself, sort of SWOT analysis. will do myself bt most probably nt post it on blg coz i m nt comfortable with writin abt myself on net.
All the best 4 ur blue-eyed dream girl:-))
ninth wonder of the world wud b i guess our cllg net speed gettin faster...tk, byee
P.S.-do give comments on my blogs as well though i kn its nt so interestin blgs    

By Anonymous Poonam on 1/16/2006 11:46:00 PM

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