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Got Da Job..........

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yesterday i got job offer from Jayashree Textiles of Aditya Birla Nuvo(ABN) group.
Before accepting the offer I was drowning in the ocean of confusion, coz I’d to decide among two choices one is Grmtech which deals with the online solution which was matching with my passion and area of interest, the only problem was my educational background(Bio science)on the other hand there was Aditya Birla group which is one of the biggest group in India.

Also I’d set my priorities which were job>>career>>company>>Salary.

so if I’d selected Grmtech I would have got all four of these things also in case of Aditya Birla I saw all of them that’s why I was very confused.

My confusion increased to 100 times by my friends, all were saying you should go with Aditya Birla group so that I’ll get good start, but I was standing at my point of joining Grmtech. At last moment I took out my CV and decided that I’ll go for Grmtech but later one of my friend said that “look you are missing golden opportunity, later you shouldn’t feel regretful for it, Like you felt before when you refused one company”.
Also one of my other friend said “we all have two ways of living - we can either drive the steering of life, or we can leave it upon god”

Then I thought I should at least seat for the company if I’ll make it then I’ll think that it is Father’s decision coz I’ve nothing to loose.
Well in interview everything went well.

Later I got offer from the company.


well you can't do anything away from the choice of Father (God) what you did is right.....
best of luck for the great start and rest of you life....    

By Anonymous Andrew on 1/26/2006 11:30:00 AM

whatever happens is for good only.
you can gather experience learns lots of things in ABN and later you can join Grmtech.if you passion and area of intrest don't change in future.

By Anonymous Lokesh on 1/26/2006 11:37:00 AM

@Andrew:thankyou, yeah you are right you can't do anything againts the choice of almighty god......

@Lokesh: hi and welcome to my blog..... yeah you are right in - whatever happens is for good only.

Joining Grmtech later......hmmm you can read my mind.....

i think i'll get lots of experience in ABN coz they SAP(ERP R/3) which will really enhance my skills....    

CONGRATS.......i truly beleive that whatever happens has a reason behind it and all happens according to the plan already made by god, so guess it must be good
and anyways birla is a great brand to work with.......good work!!!!!    

Very Best of luck, we will surely miss you Rajesh in Grmtech.

Sometimes some decision are tough but once taken I do not analyse the other way since I must have already done that before taking the decision. I am sure you must have done good with it.

Enjoy Life

On your great well deserved prestigious and bright future at ABN.    

By Anonymous Narendra on 1/26/2006 08:16:00 PM

@nn: Thankyou very much.... ni belive there is good reason behind it..

@Aji Issac : thank you sir.... i'll tooo miss Grmtech... it was really tough to make this decision but lets see... whats there in future......

@Narendra:Thank you.....    

Hey, Congrates....

I know u could have crack Grm Tech, but Birla is also a nice company to start with.
I wish a good luck for ur start and ur bright future.    

@santosh : thanx buddy......    

Hi brother, congrat! I think there is no right or wrong choice, and regret is the waste of time. Do your best in ABN, SAP is very demanding as I know, you will be somebody one day! ^_^    

congrats n all the best 4 all ur future endeavours...wish u cm up wit flyin colours
gud luck    

By Anonymous poonam on 1/28/2006 12:03:00 AM

@gazard: thanx brother.......... i'll try my best....

@oonam: thankyou........very much......    

Congrats man :D

While deciding do try to look into the future a bit too :) Benefits do help, nothing wrong with a free medical even if the pay per month is a bit lower than other places. It pays when time comes.    

@TDH: thank you very much..
well lots of benefits are there like house and food etc....    

@TDH:Thankyou very much....yeah Benefits do help.... well i'm getting shelter+food....    

Congrats!!! see...you got the job...now you don't have to move back with your parents...awwesome...so how did u celebrate?? whisky again?? hope not this time :)    

@No One:Hey it's nice to see you welcome back.....
well i did celebrated it in unique way........but this time i pretended that i'm drunk so that they don't push me......soon i'm gonna throw nice party at nice retaurant.... coz right now i don't have sufficient...funds... :)    

Dude great job
me knows me late in wishing you
but nevertheless GREAT GOING
and you didnt pretend to be drunk dude you were drunk
All luck    

@AG:In true sense i was drunk in 31st night of 2005...... and the day (Frankee Day) i cried..... after that i only prtended so that you guys don't push me to have hard....    

Congrats Rajesh. All the best fot your bright future.    

@Suman:Thanx Suman............    

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