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I cry......

Saturday, January 21, 2006

You said goodbye

I fell apart

I fell from all we had

To I never knew

I needed you so bad

You need to let things go

I know, you told me so

I've been through hell

To break the spell

Why did I ever let you slip away

Can't stand another day without you

I cry silently

I cry inside of me

I cry hopelessly

Cause I know I'll never breathe your love again

I cry

Cause you're not here with me

I cry

Cause I'm lonely as can be

must say u never fail to surprise people.........now i know i will never get the answer for this question.......but WHO??? is it?????    

@nn:No no no no........ you are taking it differently... i know it's sound like i'm broke up with some gal....or something like that but the picture is totally different form.....what u've percieved may be you have perception problem or i've expression problem...
i wrote these lines(ofcourse not mine) so that i remember the day when i cried most pathetically or terribly... i can't tell you the reason but...... it is just like that...    

i know all people suffer from 3 problems.....attitude,ego & perception.... thanks for reminding.........so its Perception this time for me.    

@nn:yeah you are right but there are lots of other problems in life...which you can't share with anyone even your closet friend or parents...    

really touching.... i m dumbfounded    

@amit: :)....................    

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