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Project - Flying Car

Friday, February 24, 2006

This evening I was busy with a consumer behaviour's case study which took 4 hours to solve, after that Joydeep and I went to AIM Cafe to have tea there we flooded with several assignments and one of them was of Strategic management in which we have to choose one unique product and make a global strategy to make it a successful global product so we decided two product Tele-transportation and flying car later we decided to take flying car as our product coz it is more reallistic and feasible.
Assignment : Create a Global Business!

Student teams will develop a global business strategy based on the sale of a product or service. The team will be required to write a strategic plan for 3 years. The strategic plan will contain:

• A mission and vision statement for the corporation
• An organizational structure
• A set of business assumptions
• A global marketing, manufacturing, materials, procurement, finance and human
resource plan
• Specific implementation strategies
Later when i start gathering info about it i found very intresting things like -

1) Flying car in Google Earth

Someone sent an interesting Google Earth placemark to The Register which shows a satellite photo of what appears to be a flying car near a parking lot in near Perth, Australia.
I'm not so sure about this one.. If the vehicle really was 3 - 4 meters high (which is about 9 - 12 feet), and doing 80 knots, I would think that it would plow straight into the trees. If it were heading the other direction I don't think it could have gotten to 80 knots in what appears to be about 15 feet (5 meters) from the tree line, if accelerating from a dead stop. There's also the question of momentum involved. That picture seems to indicate the area where the car is located is surrounded on 3 sides by trees / foliage. I'd think the car would have slammed into the trees shortly (within a second or two) after the photo was snapped.

My guess is either the car is on some kind of elevated display (perhaps the supports were narrow enough that the satellite photo didn't capture shadows from them), or it could be a hoax - you know, put something black on the ground at a believable distance / angle from the car so that it -appears- that the car is casting a shadow from about 9 feet up.
2) Moller's Skycar

Moller International has developed the first and only feasible, personally affordable, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle the world has ever seen. You've always known it was just a matter of time before the world demanded some kind of flying machine which would replace the automobile. Of course, this machine would have to be capable of VTOL, be easy to maintain, cost effective and reliable. Well, we at Moller International believe we have come up with the solution. That solution is the volantor named M400 Skycar.....Read More

>>Flying car in Google Earth -

I think it is two cars, one white and a black one.. but if we look another cars at the parking we can see that each car has it's own shadows but these two cars don't and gives some kind of illusion of white flying car with black shadow...

>>Moller's Skycar -

Once I saw one documentry film of flying cars in Discovery channel, but i never searched it on net. today when i did some googling i found it very intresting thing and now these Moller guys are even selling flying cars... great... i wish that one day i will fly my own flying car... Rajesh kumar Rana

Flying Links :

Hi.... rajesh
nice post
The reason there are no reflections on the "shadow" black car is that it is parked at a different angle. The angle of the sun on the windows doesn't result in a reflection. Also, I believe the "shadow" car is actually a small pickup (another reason why you don't see a back window reflection).

If you look closely, you can also see a shadow under the white car.    

By the way, if you look at Google Local in "satellite" mode - you can clearly see the white car's ground-level shadow (even though you can't zoom in as close).

Here's a link: Google Local shot of "flying car"    

By Anonymous Naveen on 2/24/2006 08:29:00 PM


You're daffed, you can't see anything of the sort on google local.

I'm not buying the "white car / black car" theory any more than I'm buying the "flying car" theory. I'm mor inclined to beleive it's just a single white car, and the displaced shadow giving it the illusion of flying is the result of some photographic anomaly. I'd love to hear from a satellite photography expert on this one.    

By Anonymous Baljinder on 2/24/2006 08:30:00 PM

not 2 cars
1. several other black car in the adjacent lot show curves by the bending of the sunlight and show light spots where light relects off the surface. The black object in question shows NO light reflection.

2. Why are these two cars parked in this direction (angular) outside of a lot with many open spaces?    

By Anonymous Varad on 2/24/2006 08:31:00 PM

There is a black car in the parking lot that you can see reflections on. I agree with varad...why no reflections on the one by the car in the field?    

I read somewhere (wish I could find the link now), that there is something in the way the photos are taken and assembled for google earth that it can often give the appearance that something is flying because of false shadows and such.

My google mojo isn't very high today, so I don't feel like searching for the reference    

By Anonymous manoj on 2/24/2006 08:35:00 PM

"its a white car next to a black car.
the end."

I'm not going so far as to say "It's a flying car. The end." but I do have a problem with the two car theory zealots.
Take a pencil/pen or something else and cover up the black "box." The picture still looks funny. Notice all the cars in the lot have a distinguishable shadow around them. There's a faint black outline. The white "car" does not.
If it was a car on the ground, wouldn't it have this shadow as well?
Still. Could be a tent, car on a pole, flying car or any number of things, but two cars: I don't see why people can be so sure as to rule out all other possibilities.    

By Anonymous solanki on 2/24/2006 08:37:00 PM


"Too bad the angle at which you take the photo doesn't affect the object's shadow. Silly."

And also, a lot of the imagery that people think is from satellites is actually from aircraft. I don't know if that's the case here, but most of the super-high-res imagery of US cities on Google is from aerial surveys and not satellites.    

By Anonymous Naveen on 2/24/2006 08:39:00 PM

Actually, with all this Flying car things, why can't they just add wheels to a helicopter?
Granted, the size is too large and the blades on top will hit just about anything in the way, but technically, it is a flying car.

Nice post you have here, good luck with your research.    

@Venkat: you are absolutely rite infact they are makin such kind of machine but with compact blades...    

Very interesting post! Keep up the good work man. That is funny about the google map flying car. Was it true!?    

@gazard: thanx.... it's not real flying car but it appers to be...the one....    

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