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Rang De Basanti

Friday, February 10, 2006

On 3rd Feb 2006 I watched Rang De Basanti... i wanted to blog about it but i could'nt coz... I was and I'm toooooo bezeee with Annual Day preparation, I'm participating in Western Dance and we are trying too hard for it's sucess.... I really enjoy dancing in group this is the first time when I'll be on the stage for any type of Dance.....
well about the movie..I went theatre with 3 friends of mine, two of them had already blogged their view in their blog like I'd mentioned them after the theme of the movie.
Theme :
A young English film-maker by the name of Sue comes to India with the intention of making a movie about famous Indian revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad. But when the BBC refuses to fund her project she decides to recruit students from Delhi University to act in her documentary. These young chaps include DJ (Aamir Khan), who has always believed that there is not much to look forward to in the real world. So he hides in his studies. Then, there is Karan (Siddharth), the son of a rich businessman. He does not get on with his father but still manages to suck money out of him.

Aslam (Kunal Kapoor), is a middleclass boy, who lives near Jama Masjid. He is a poet, philosopher and guide to his friends. Sukhi (Sharman Joshi), the youngest of the group is innocent, vulnerable, but a real flirt when it comes to women.There is also Laxman Pandey (Atul Kulkarni) who is the fundamentalist in the group. He believes that politics can make the world a better place.Last but not the least we have Sonia (Soha Ali Khan), the only female in the group. A tomboy and vivacious by nature, Sonia is engaged to Ajay (Madhavan), an airline pilot.So as the documentary gathers momentum in its filming, each of the above stars plays two roles - one that belongs to the here-and-now, while the other belongs in the 1920s.
Nidhi : I have always wondered, whether a movie has the power to change you…………
Today I had gone with my friends to see another of aamir khans genius, “Raang they Basanti”…….the theme was pretty good and so was the acting, worth the money.

But it was the discussion and soul-searching we had later which was the best……..there is something inside me which was again ignited today after seeing the movie, and I am not writing this because I am too senti. after the movie nor is it a movie hang-over……….its something which I have always discussed with my close friends earlier, a fire which was always there, but had gone a little cold because of all the tensions and competition I was handling……… possibly its an excuse to hide from the truth, my passion, something which I want to pursue, but when and how its rather difficult to say right now…….

I have always wanted to do something which can bring a change, something which can make this country better, I especially liked a particular dialogue in the movie, it said that “no country is perfect, rather we have to make it better by our contribution to the society”………

But then we get so lost in our own selfish lives we forget about things………I have always wished I were born in a pre-independent India so that this life of mine could be put to use in a much better way, the life I have right now is so useless……..my mba will finish off soon, will join office in march, then I will marry a guy decided by my parents, by the time I get to know him I will have my kids, and by the time I get to know them I will die and will be forgotten like the so, so, so, many people in this world………

I have stood in the busy streets of kolkata and wondered, who am i? what is my place in this world? How am I different from others? what have I done by which people will remember me……what will I leave in this world by which at least some people can better their lives……..

why are we forced to live such selfish lives……….why does the society teach us to turn a blind eye to everything which is wrong, why are we forced to adjust all the time, why are the bad people never punished, why do the poor keep dying and the rich keep getting richer, why is the society dominated by all the bad people, why are the good people killed in broad daylight in front of everyone, why is everyone so selfish, why cant people be happy on others success, why do we live in a world where a person is judged by the brands he/she wears, how cool he/she is, which disco thec’s he/she visits why? why? why????

There are so, so, so, many question and no answers…….

Now again, does a movie has the power to change the society, have I woken up again, will the people finally wake-up, will we be a better world………or will this movie again be passed off as a good movie with good acting and probably which will be sent to the Oscars and then forgotten about………will we learn from it, WILL WE??

the main theme of movie is to make the young generation wake up and fight against country's biggest dirt like corruption etc.The movie gives a feeling of Patriotism, which we forget sometimes ago. But do movie give powers to change the ppl's attitude? Do we have the feelings of patriotism today? Can we change our country from corruption to perfection? Do we have the perfection in ourselves?

We talked about patriotism only when we have an Indo-Pak match or some patriotic movie. Today, we talk a lot about patriotism, but when we get high position, we join the same wagon of corruption. Why? There are many questions, but the answer lies in where we stand, what we are. We have to change our attitude and ourselves. We have to think what we have done. Was it really worthy for the country?

We are the only futures of our country, we have to change it or it will change us.
Well watched another good Aamir Khan movie. All said anddone, the movie is youthful, joyful and handles some serious issues well.

"the life I have right now is so useless……..my mba will finish off soon, will join office in march, then I will marry a guy decided by my parents, by the time I get to know him I will have my kids, and by the time I get to know them I will die and will be forgotten like the so, so, so, many people in this world………"----> hahaha...very funny indeed...but pretty true...:) ....btw thanks for the review of rang de basanti...i will catch it soon in a weeks time...busy with midterms...he do post pics of ur school performance...the western dance thingy....see ya rajesh!    

@No One: Well movie is tooo good 8/10... i generally don't like hindi movie coz they all are similar based on certain formulas.....like bhai-bhai, maa-beta,baap beta,love triangle and dangeraous villan...all those kind of typical bollywood movie..... but this movie is different from others.....i like this kind of movie with original theme......etc..etc....

Well I'll surely post some images of our annual..day......    

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