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Universe in my mind

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I always wonder why universe is so big, what is the need and purpose to make so vast, I've many strange and weird thoughts about it, every body belives that the universe has started with a Big Bang from a singularity, coz Hubble prooved it by showing is universe expanding, Now starting.. is fine.. but the question is what is there... outside of the universe.

How big is it?

Universe is expanding and I'm taking my computer as starting point....

My computer>>MY room>>My hostel>>My Institute (AIM-k)>>Command Hospital complex (Kolkata)>>New Alipore>>Kolkata>>India>>Asia>>World(Earth>>Mars>>...Pluto>>Out of Solar Syatem>>Alfa Century(nearest Star)>>So many stars(500 billion)>>Out of Milky Way - Our Galaxy>> Endromeda(Our nearest Galaxy)>>So Many Galaxies(100 Billion)>>Out of our universe (whose diametre is 3 trillion light year but we can only peek as far as 13 billion light year)>>what is here out of the universe>>Other Universe or multiverse(a place where continously new universe born due to collision of existing universe)>>It is a place where science stops thinking but not mine>>Here starts polyverse which is made of 100 billion multiverse>> multipolyverse(made up of 100 billion polyverse)...
Now I would like to wake you up from dream world and tell you how far we've reached.. If we wanna travel to the nearest star(Proxima Centauri Alpha Cen C) with the fastest spacecraft that we've then it'll take 5 million years to reach alfa century.. then you can imagine how many years it will take to reach to multipolyverse...

Now my Parallel Universe Concept.

I believe Parallel universe is just hypothesis given by our scientist in order to solve the grand father paradox of time travel, But I always think beyond scientist (with weird logic), if parallel universe is there then why it is there, scientist claims that there are so many universe with different shapes and size like donut etc. they continuously move from its place (due to gravity) some times they cross and go through each other and due to collision of its surface new universe born.. well my thoughts behind parallel universe is that if it is really there, then there must be some purpose behind it and the purpose is time travel yes time travel the same old concept but with new angle, here i'm not talking it by humans but by God, no matter how advance is god but he has to follow the physical rules, so to overcome infinite paradoxes he made the concept of parallel universe...weeiiiered na..

Why universe is so big?

Noone knows who is GOD, where he lives, where is heaven (if its his home), nobody knows, some people says that he is inside of us but if we try concentrate and try to loacate Him.....no we can never find him...even if we try....to loacate ourself... where are we in your body, we'll find that it is very hard to locate ourself in your body. well I was talking about GOD (God please forgive me...these are just my weird thoughts and nothing else), so nobody knows where he lives..... i believe that he don't want to tell us where he lives that’s why he made universe so big that no matter how advance we get, we never be able to reach him ever.... yeah right now you are thinking that we can reach him through meditation or Tapasya etc.. but who knows that those who practice.. really could able to meet him or not, may be he lives in multipolyverse or even out skirt of that, may be he has very advance technology like wormholepathy it is a advance version of telepathy and wormhole travels, so that he can reach us easily but we can't.

Here.... may be you are thinking all these things are just weird but have you ever heard of Raeliens community who believes that life in earth is seeded by aliens and they continuously come here to check our progress (strange).

Well all we can do is ponder in the wonder of thoughts...

I've read this somewhere that -

"We think universe is very strange place....but universe is far beyond stranger than our imagination"

- Rajesh Kumar Rana

Hows the sacking gone down in Bengal my dear friend?    

i don't have any idea....    

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