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Visitlab - Helps Pay-Per-Click Advertisers to Check Fraud

Thursday, March 30, 2006

VisitLab is a Web analytics system with a rich user management framework. Presently in a Free Beta stage, it is developed using open-source resources and has made its architecture opensource. VisitLab believes in the idea of 'infinite scalability' and the project developers have designed the system with hardware scalability and API stability as the two guiding philosophies.


>>Click Fraud Analysis and Alert System: Online pay-per-click advertisers struggle with the threat of so-called Click fraud. The system is designed to track occurances of such threats. By setting preferences the advertiser can choose to receive email alerts about possible 'click-fraud'

>>Visitor Experience Analysis: A complete analysis of each visitor who has visited a website. It tracks a visitor from the time he/she enters a domain till he/she leaves. The system does a complete clickpath analysis, showing each page visited and duration of stay.

>>Remote Monitor Alerts: Webmasters are keen to know about the speed of the website page loading. They want to know if it meets some acceptable level and want to be alerted in case it falls below the set threshold.

>>Keyphrase Manager: Most visitors to a website end up following a link from a SERP for a specific keyphrase. VisitLab's keyphrase manager program enables the website marketing team to effortlessly analyse the performance of each keyphrase.

>>Account Management: Visitlab also includes an account management framework. The user management utility enables the website administrator to set access permissions for other users from the same organisation to different responsibilities of the account. Conversely, it is also possible to add an external user with read-only access to each component of the account.

14 Great Reasons to use Visitlab solutions!

  1. No setup fees.
  2. No minimum purchase.
  3. No monthly volume.
  4. 3 months of free access if you are switching.
  5. Unlimited domains.
  6. System learns visitor behavior.
  7. Customized alerts.
  8. Open database of your click traffic.
  9. Supported by external intelligence.
  10. Volume discounts.
  11. Free access to qualified organizations.
  12. Web services API to encourage third-party Firefox plug-ins.
  13. Role-based access levels.
  14. Yeah you might be lookin for 14th reason but in visitlab's site they had mentioned 14 Great Reasons to Sign Up! but they have given only 13 reasons ....might be they'd forgot to mention or some other reason but this is strange.....

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Track your comments with cocomment

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

CoComment allows users to track comments they’ve left on blogs in one centralized place. In effect, CoComment keeps a blog of your distributed comments. They now boast up to 100,000 daily visitors to the site - again, after just a few weeks of being live.

To use CoComment, a user must install a bookmarklet on their browser and use that bookmarklet, instead of the blog interface, to leave a comment. Users then have a centralized place where all comments are located, and can push that content onto their own blogs with a widget. Commenters are also notified as the conversation continues, so they do not have to continue to go back to the original post. See the “learn more” area of CoComment for more information on this.

The company is a project funded by Swisscom Innovations, and all of the founding team originally worked at Swisscom.

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Man of the Basketball Tournament yahooooooo

Monday, March 27, 2006

Annual Sports Day is going on in our campus. I participated almost in all events like Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Football and Basketball. Out of these, I (or, better to say we) lost in Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball. Today we played Basketball's final match and we won with 59 to 33, I got man of the Basketball tournament I don't know why may be coz I basketed the maximum balls (I belive it is 99 in four match).

I'm enjoying all those greetings from friends, juniors etc.. but rite now my body is totally exhausted, I stretched my self to great extent, I can feel only pain everywhere specially my legs are gone, last night when I went home, my mom massaged my body like she used to do when I was sho small when I even have'nt heard of Basketball game. I felt very good after the massage (touch n' heal therepy) but when I again stepped into game, my whole body again gone to same stuation where I need some help to step up the stairs of my room I'm missin my mommy very much rite now......ohhhh mommy......

Can you spot me....

For more Snaps click here>>

Ghost's Mobile Number:-))

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I do't have any idea about this post coz i got in my mail & hope you guys are intrested

Anyone for trial? :) Try your guts ... ;-)

A report from "Nayi Duniya" news paper about a ghost cell number!! Try if you got the guts!!

News paper says:
09415817683: If you call this number, everytime you get a different place.
Sometimes the number is in Nagpur , sometimes in Benaras or Anand Nagar.
Receiver changes from a Young man to woman to a old woman,
Whether you call it from mobile or STD booth, call does not get charged also.
Sometimes the receiver greets the caller with the callers own name!
This is the number of a person in Maharashtra/Gujarat who got killed along with his co-travellers in a road accident.
Sometimes "This number does not exist" and "" messages do come, but at times it gives the voice of a man/woman.
If it is a woman, the crying of a child can also be heard.
We from the paper also tried calling this number many times. But never ever the balance of calling mobile came down.
Nirjan called this number and asked "I would like to know ki Aap ki car accident hua tha kya?" Answer was "Tu kya pareshani door karega?"
The receiver also said "Abhi aajavu kya tumhare paas Nirjan ji!!!"
STD booth owner Harsh saxena called this number. Some male voice said "hello" and cut the phone.
Even after many calls, there was no charge appearing on the meter.

Update - Bhoot woot Kuch ho na ho, it has increased my blog's traffic a lot....everybody is searching for this no. in google and lending up in my blog.

Riya Public Beta - riyarocks

A long ago I applied for Riya.com, also I posted an article about the riya. Today I just got invited by Riya.com and I'm feeling really very happy....

Here you can also make an account -

Riya, as many of you already know is a photo management site which uses facial and text recognition algorithms to define people and text in images. In layman's terms, you can define pictures by who is in them. And then Riya will search through your own images, friend's images and public galleries to find images with the people that you've taught it to recognize. You can now store photos by who they are about. It's really not just an image management site. It's really an alternative address book of sorts.
Some other cool things Riya also does:
  • Figures out the date of your photos from the physical date stamp on images.
  • Allows you to view pictures by the location they were taken.
  • Constantly monitors your picture folders to upload images and recognize faces therein (using a slick uploader).
  • Tag images.
  • Simple Slideshow
  • AutoTrain the recognition engine to search for people in your address books (like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Friendster and Myspace; or from Riya's contact list.
  • Manage pictures by album, person, time, location.
  • You can blog the photo. You can define a URL for it. You can even download and print it.
  • You can define sharing rules (public vs private)
  • Riya maintains an inbox an daddress book based off the people it recognizes.
  • Ability to export Riya tags to Flickr and Images on your desktop.
  • And it has this 'Scene' feature that hasn't been exposed yet.

Best thing about Riya
  • Riya is different.
  • The recognition software actually works. At about 15 pics per person, it's error rate dropped below 10%. And it's really easy to train the engine, especially using bulk training.
  • It's really simple to navigate.
  • Sharing is so simple. It adds friends directly into address book and gives full control over what to do next.
  • You can search for people, people at places, date ranges and people in albums.

Riya people encouraged Bloggers to post the good, bad and the ugly. They encourage tagging (well, yeah) and recommend the following tags:

Good = riyarocks

Bad = riyasobetaithurts

Ugly = riyasux

So I tag them as coz they really rockzzzzzzzzzzz

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Hundredth post

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hurrrrraaaay......this is my 100th post..... yahoooooooooo................ Now I'm waiting for mine 1000th post...wish me good luck.... well I'm thinking what should i post in my 100th post....but right now I don't have any thing in my mind....

Every blogger in this world write differenlty and we can categorise them and differentiate their blog according to their words but my blog is very different you can;t categorised it into single category, I write about different dimensions from friendship to technology you can track my blog in wide range of radar....I'd many times changed the template and name of the blog, I started blogging with these words -
Welcome to my world
I've developed many websites but never developed any one of them for me... But this time i'm creating Web Log or better known as Blog in which i'll... express myself, my feelings, myexperience and lot more to the world... this blog will be like my own world.... So i would like to welcome you to my World.... RaJesh

Firefox 2.0 Alpha has been realesed

Firefox 2.0 has been quietly released. It should be more faster, more stable and generically better Firefox major release. Please note that it's still a Alpha version. Firefox 2.0 is also available in Windows and Linux flavors. With IE7 around the corner Firefox will have to present a much more compelling case for users to switch.

You can download new version of Firefox from -

Whether it is 1.5 or 2.0.... till i fix the bug of my blog it won't satisfy me..... coz my blog works fine in intenet exporer 6 but it don't in firefox.....nmmmm tough luck... but i must say firefox is really good

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Close Encounter With Bee Kind - Part 2

On Monday, 27 feb 2006 I'd close encounter with Bees and about this encounter i blogged in Close Encounter With Bee Kind post...... but i cound'nt able to post the snaps of those bees coz i was in serious pain and trauma..... well these days I'm posting quite good no. of images so i thought i should take the pictures of those bees who chased and stinged me like hell...infact one of my friend (Joydeep) suggested me to post these images so here is those dangerous killer bees....

Can you spot the Hives

So here is the bunch of hives... now I think you can imagine my situation..when they attacked me...

The Great Banyan Tree -Greatest of all Banyan tree..

Monday, March 20, 2006

Today I went to Botanical Garden (Shibpur, Calcutta) with my friends to see great banyan tree, you might be wondering what is so great about this tree.... well it is so old — and so huge. you just can't imagine, it is just like forest of single tree...here is some fact from it's file

The Great Banyan tree draws more visitors to the garden than its collection of exotic plants from five continents, The plant houses of the special gardens of Bamboos, Palms, Succulents, etc, Botanically known as Ficus benghalensis L, and belonging to the family Moraceae, the tree is a native of India the fruit is like small fig but is not edible and is red when ripe.

This tree is over 250 years old and in spread it is the largest known in India, perhaps in Asia. There is no clear history of the tree as to the time of planting etc, but it is mentioned in some travel books of the nineteenth century. It was damaged by two great cyclones of 1884 and 1886, when some of its main branches were broken exposing it to the attack of a hard fungus. With its large number of aerial roots which grow from the branches and run vertically to the ground and look like so many trunks, The Great Banyan looks more like a forest than an individual tree. Intrestingly enough the tree now lives in perfect vigour without its main trunk, which decayed and had to be removed in 1925, the circumference of the original trunkat 1.7 m from the ground was 15.7 m, the area occupied by the tree is about 14478.44 sqm. The present crown of the tree has a circumference of 450 m and the highest branch rises to 24.5 m, it has at present 2880 aerial roots reaching down to the ground.

The info was written on 21.02.2005 n' i got it from sign board of botanical garden.

So what are the things you can do in front of this Great Banyan Tree....Well I can suggest you following things -

You can swing.....

You can relax...

You can fly...

You do some excercises...

You can chill out.....

You can show some acrobatic stunts to your friends...

You can fight with them...

You can do some Herculian act...like lifting massive planet..

You can wonder how big is this Great Banyan Tree....

You can ride on your friends...

Or.....you can make some poses for snapshot....

In brief you can fully enjoy your day.....with your great friends......

Brand New Look of Yahoo Homepage

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yahoo is testing it's new design for their web portal frontpage. this new design which appears only to selected web users.

This time they had tried to make it more simple with soothing looks,colours and easy to find all Yahoo services which has given a more prominant place in the new design. allowing a one-stop login to all it’s services.

The usual clutters of links is thrown away. it’s cleaner and all ! Now it's cleaner and simple....

I think yahoo have realised the power of simlicity...which is the strongest point of Google...

Good news is that a revised look for !Yahoo Mail is also on the way.

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Holi Hai - My Last Holi in AIM

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This was my last Holi in AIM coz after 3 months our MBA classes (MBA 8) will be over and we all join different companies.....and that day we'll miss these days.... that's why i tried to capture these emotion in digi cam with risk..... coz no one was ready to get their cam on holi...... but i took the risk and captured some memorable snapz...

Naveen n' Me

Me n' Virk

The Josh (Spirit) of Holi (Nitesh n' Ravi Sir)

Watch out.......Holi Hai (AIM Holi Team)

AIM Holi Family

Ravi Sir in Action (Ravi Shankar Mishra & AIM Holi Team)

Statue of Holi (Akshay)

Hey......holi hai....(My Holi team)

Waiting for our Shikar (My Holi team)

Mission Pandey - You can run, you can hide but can't escape our colours, Mitti (soil), Dhool, kichad, Sand, forget water(woh purani baat ho chuki hai) etc..... (Varad)

Mission Pandey - Finally pandey came out...from bathroom (Deepak Pandey)

Mission Pandey - Hey look... there is.... pandey (My Holi Team)

Naya Presidentiya -Purana Ho Gaya (Abhishek Singh)

Face of the Day (Vidyanand, Rahul, Pinak)

Guess where they are taking him...... (Vijay Yaatra)

Here......Dry Holi - Save Water - Save Surana (Ashwin Surana)

Bura na mano Holi Hai (Mohit)

So how is the Josh - High......very high..... (Mohit)

True Colours of Holi (Rajpreet Singh Sodhi)

There is many more (101) snaps of holi which i could'nt able to post here coz of net speed and space problem but i'll soon post it on Flickr

Aakhir Tada Bhai Halyo

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Aakhir Tada Bhai Halyo Pachi Lagna Vyartha Thiyo...Aaru Aasu Thapi Diyo...Gam Ra Pida Ajhai Badi Gayo....Vyarthai Kina Bheta Bhayo, Mutu bhori Maya Timro Rakhna Khojnu Galti Bhayo......

Google Mars Attacks !!!!!!!!!!!

A new planet-spanning Web site..... Google Mars... launches it on what would have been Mars astronomer Percival Lowell's 151st birthday. At the heart of the new Web site lies a gigantic picture-puzzle image of Mars created by researchers at Arizona State University's Mars Space Flight Facility. Provides - Regions, Mountains, Plains, Spacecraft, Canyons, Ridges, Stories, Dunes Craters.

I zoomed into many sites of mars surface from Google Mars site....and took some pictures but could'nt upload here coz our net speed is Terrific ....... and i possibly upload it tomorrow....

[Update : 18.03.2006 : 3 Snaps]

Google is now showing you maps of the Mars. This feels just like Google Maps for earth, or the previous Google Moon*. You can switch between three different map types; elevation, visible**, and infrared. A list of "links of interest" (like where spacecrafts landed), as well as named mountains, canyons, dunes and craters is also available.

Google in their Mars FAQ says they're working on a version of this Mars data to be used in Google Earth (desktop) clients.

The Google Mars map is also linked from a special Google logo today (we know those little cyan aliens from the Google Mars logo of January 2004).

*Google Moon was only a half-serious project though (try zooming in as close as you can to see why).

**As to why this visible map is in gray-scale, not color, Google replies: "In true color, Mars pretty much looks like butterscotch. We chose a gray-scale map in order to highlight more surface details."

Signs of a coming Google galaxy...

As the Googlist notes, Google Mars may only be the beginning of a coming "Google Galaxy." Back in 2005, Google registered the following domains for Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto and so on (always with .com, .org, .net and .info):

  • GoogleMercury.com
  • GoogleVenus.com
  • GoogleJupiter.com
  • GoogleSaturn.com
  • GoogleUranus.com
  • GoogleNeptune.com
  • GooglePluto.com
  • GoogleGalaxy.com
  • GoogleGalactic.com
  • GoogleSatellite.com
  • GoogleSolarSystem.com
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See What Your Website Visitors Are Doing ?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Crazy Egg Logo

Standard web statistic packages compete based on who can offer the most statistics, the most colorful graphs and trying to wrap usability around all that information. The guys at Crazy Egg have taken a different approach where you can measure and actually see what your users are doing when they visit your site, and from these results you can immediately optimize your site based on your visitors usage patterns. The result is that you can learn a lot more about your visitors from a lot less information that is found in analytics packages.

Installing Crazy Egg to track your site is a simple 2 step process, the first step is to tell your app your sites URL, so it can grab a copy of it, and the second step is to insert a javascript code snippet into your site which it will give you. The interface to all this is very simple and intuitive. Once you are setup you wait a few minutes and then the statistics will start flowing back to Crazy Egg. The best way to show what it does, since my words will not do it justice, is with a screenshot

crazy egg heatmap

The above screenshot shows the heat overlay, which is where users are clicking and focusing their attention. Other parts of the application will show you where users click, and how many times.

Crazy Egg plans to launch in April and already has 4000 beta visitors signed up. There will be a free option which will be based on the number of visitors per month (the free option is likely to be up to 5000 visitors) and then paid options if your site has more visitors. Crazy Egg was developed by a team of 5 people based around the USA over the past few months, and the interface for the statistics is all client-side Javascript, with RubyOnRails in the backend. They have been self-funded to date but are exploring funding possibilities as well as potential partnerships (they are looking for distributors).

The aim of Crazy Egg is for webmasters and site owners to learn from visitor usage patterns and improve their site based on what they learn from the application, as opposed to having page after page of statistics. Some features currently in development will allow users to track ad performance so that ad campaigns can be refined, RSS integration and demographic information of your visitors (filtering the map based on which visitors you wish to see).

The competition at the moment has similar services but targeted at large corporations (such as the site optimization services from Atlas), Crazy Egg delivers this kind of technology and tracking ability down to a simple level so that any body can use it and more importantly so that most people can afford it. It is very simple to understand, implement on your site and the results are stunning. Another site promising optimisation tools, probably not as cool as the heat overlay in Crazy Egg, is Map Surface - which is currently in a private beta.

Most site owners now are probably tracking conversion rates and looking at statistics, but when it comes to trying to enhance those results it is often trial and error. This is the situation I have been in for a long time now, but with Crazy Egg I can see what my users are doing and learn from that then optimize my site accordingly.

Pete Cashmore at Mashable also reviewed Crazy Egg a few days ago.

Crazy Egg Screenshot

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