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AIM Battle Field - Counter Strike Tournament

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Counter Strike Tournament

Today (12.03.2006) ....... AIM's arena (Programing Lab) has turned up into battle field...it has filled with bullets, shells and bloods of Terrorists and Counter Terrorists......... everyone is armed with Magnum(sniper), Kreig, M4A1, SMG and kevlar and many more....... because for the 1st time in the history of AIM.... we are fighting with each other .

Six teams with six players in each are thirsty for oppenent's blood and they wanna kill at any cost coz if they don't then they will be killed........

There is do or die situation for each team.....

The battle scheduled to start at 11:00 AIM 12.03.2006 but due to smooth functioning of AIM's Lab comps and LAN....it delayed for 2 hrs and started at 1:00 Pm........girl's has also formed their troop and they are ready to crush the rest of the five boys team...

Right now the battle is going on......

Every time two teams is facing each other..

the sides (terrorist and counter terorrist)..will be decided by a toss of coin.....

there will be 21 battle between two teams at same location......de_dust...which is unanimously chosen by all the team.......

there will be league, semifinal and final battle..

right now league battles are goin on....

lets see who will win the bloody.....battle....

for the preparation of this battle our Abacus club......who are Lords of The WAR (Moderator) for the very 1st time... they took sanction from BIG R (the registrar) and in our full knowledge...he astonishingly surprised everyone with green card......but...terrorists and Counter terrorists have to bring their own PC.....

Now lets see who will win this tournament.....

Six Teams are -

1. SaCreD MaTriX

2. Ghatak

3. Annhilator (Girl's Team)

4. Ballistic Platton

5. Gladiator

6. Death Row

Battles are going on between -

1. SaCreD MaTriX Vs. Ghatak

2. Annhilator Vs. Death Row

3. SaCreD MaTriX Vs. Ballistic Platton

4. Death Row Vs. Gladiator

5. Ballistic Platoon Vs. Ghatak

6. Annhilators Vs. Gladiator

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