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Girl Power

Friday, March 10, 2006

My friend NN mailed me a flash presentation about womens, and that really touched my heart....... so i tried to find out something more about Girl power and guess what I got an intresting article in rediff.com.

Just go throuh the article......

"Math is hard," a talking Barbie doll told a generation of girls who grew up thinking they should be afraid of numbers and science. Luckily, this generation doesn't think so. A very good example: 12-year-old Gursimran Arora, world's youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer female professional.

Besides studying, she now works as a freelancer for companies like Citilink Info Pvt Ltd, Purple Matrix Inc, Elixer Designs and Red Baron Online, creating fully flash interactive websites, introductions and high-impact interactive presentations.

"The first few orders came in through my best friend, Sumit Aneja and through a few other friends. The first was Purple Matrix when I was 12. From then on, things snowballed," explains Gursimran, as she rattles some more names of projects she is working on.

The ninth grade student of Modern High School in Delhi was hooked to computers at the age of nine. She narrates, "My cousin had a PC installed, which had me looking at the screen in wonder. It was my tenth birthday gift and, ever since, I have been busy doing something different with it. It started off with kiddish games, then moved to cyberspace. I did waste a couple of weeks in the beginning, thinking that 'online' meant 'chatting' and 'surfing', like many people. Later, cyberspace meant a wholly different thing." Read More>>

[Links] [Girl power] [Gursimran Hompage] [First Project]

[Media Coverage] [Hindustan Times] [Hindu] [The Times of India] [The Statesman] [The Deccan Herald]

rana u r obssesed wit computers n virtual world...i must thank NN coz atleast u gt interested in girls even though female whizkids...kiddin

By Anonymous poonam on 3/11/2006 12:48:00 AM

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm whizkidz aregr888........we should always appreciate them....otherwise they often get frustated and adopt wrong way likeDawood Ibrahim and Charles Shobraj...    

Hey Rajesh,

Thanks for the truckload of appreciation!
Although this was real long back, its really nice to still see people valuing one's capabilities.

Thanks again!    

@Gursimran: Hiiiiiii welcome to my blog...... you deserve truckload of appreciations...... u r great... i'm great fan of your..thanx to u to visit my blog...    

Hi dear
This is Grsimran Rooprai..unlike u not a child prodigy..but loves making new friends and enjoying my life ....good to see your merit list    

By Anonymous Anonymous on 5/14/2006 01:31:00 PM

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