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Resume of Ankit Fadia

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'd recently bought two books from Ankit Fadia (Youngest Security Consultant). This guy really impressed me by his skills... so I tried to find out some information about him. And guess what???? I got his online resume...which left me stunned for sometime after reading it....and if you go through his resume you'll also get shocked......... by his achivements in such a small age....

Ankit Fadia's Resume>>

Note: One important thing I find out about www.ankitfadia.com that this domain name is owned by some other group......... not by him and making money in the name of Ankit Fadia by selling computer Security solutions.....

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hey. I tried to search more blogs on ankit Fadia in google blogsearch and I typed ankit fadia there I got your blog on top... congrats sir your blog is rocking    

Thanx........try to rockyour blog also and Aimk's toooo.....    

nice article and resume of A Fadia. Amazing person he is. Thnx for putting such article,its quite motivating.    

@Santosh: Thanx..............lets hack the crackers.......    

ankit fadia is just a compiler of already known tips.He compiled some tips and tricks from net and made the book.I didn't find much exciting stuff in his book.Only Indian media created a hype over him.    

By Anonymous memyself and I on 4/05/2006 09:48:00 AM

@memyself and I : at least somneone is doing great things.... i'm great fan of him, if anyone get famous it means he has sone thing inside of him....    

Ankit Fadia is a cheat. ALL that he writes in his book is freely available one the net and is kid stuff. There's nothing original and important.He is a script kiddie, who is boasting and lying about his skill    

People like Ankit "Fraud" Fadia are the reason why Indians and Indian achievements are a source of amusement to the rest of the world. His books are nothing but a compilation of freely available articles on the web, and very newbie-ish articles at that. Tips on registry editing? Wow. Using Sub7? Even a 12-year-old can use that.

I quote from one of his essays:

"Even if you have a normal account with the target system, using which you can login to the FTP daemon and if the system is vulnerable, then this method will still work."

-- from "Defacing Websites Part I : A Step By Step Process By Ankit Fadia"

Using your given user ID and password to login to an FTP server is HACKING?


Rajesh: Ankit Fadia's fame (restricted to India) is only evidence of how gullible the Indian media and public are. Real hackers and crackers the world over are laughing at Fadia, and at people like you for idolizing him. (That is, if they even take notice)    

By Anonymous Amit on 7/16/2006 01:43:00 PM

This comment has been removed by the author.    

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