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Riya Public Beta - riyarocks

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A long ago I applied for Riya.com, also I posted an article about the riya. Today I just got invited by Riya.com and I'm feeling really very happy....

Here you can also make an account -

Riya, as many of you already know is a photo management site which uses facial and text recognition algorithms to define people and text in images. In layman's terms, you can define pictures by who is in them. And then Riya will search through your own images, friend's images and public galleries to find images with the people that you've taught it to recognize. You can now store photos by who they are about. It's really not just an image management site. It's really an alternative address book of sorts.
Some other cool things Riya also does:
  • Figures out the date of your photos from the physical date stamp on images.
  • Allows you to view pictures by the location they were taken.
  • Constantly monitors your picture folders to upload images and recognize faces therein (using a slick uploader).
  • Tag images.
  • Simple Slideshow
  • AutoTrain the recognition engine to search for people in your address books (like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Friendster and Myspace; or from Riya's contact list.
  • Manage pictures by album, person, time, location.
  • You can blog the photo. You can define a URL for it. You can even download and print it.
  • You can define sharing rules (public vs private)
  • Riya maintains an inbox an daddress book based off the people it recognizes.
  • Ability to export Riya tags to Flickr and Images on your desktop.
  • And it has this 'Scene' feature that hasn't been exposed yet.

Best thing about Riya
  • Riya is different.
  • The recognition software actually works. At about 15 pics per person, it's error rate dropped below 10%. And it's really easy to train the engine, especially using bulk training.
  • It's really simple to navigate.
  • Sharing is so simple. It adds friends directly into address book and gives full control over what to do next.
  • You can search for people, people at places, date ranges and people in albums.

Riya people encouraged Bloggers to post the good, bad and the ugly. They encourage tagging (well, yeah) and recommend the following tags:

Good = riyarocks

Bad = riyasobetaithurts

Ugly = riyasux

So I tag them as coz they really rockzzzzzzzzzzz

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