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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I wander around for information and some ideas for a post, then suddenly i get into this website called BlogShares. I found it from extreame tracker of Varad Kalia where I got this link

I never signed for Blogshare even though they had given my blog's analysis so I tried to find out what is Blogshares.

What is BlogShares?

Blogshares provides an attractive set of tools for trend and analysis of blogs. Studying a blog information sheet gives all types of statistics. There are incoming links, outgoing links, tracking graphs, history, press-releases and more. Blogshares is fairly upfront with the ratings and values, unlike, many of the search engine algorithms and other mystery reasons why a blog gets a certain rating or value. People can game the system at blogshares just like they will at search engines. Actually, some might feel it is part of the game to try and change values of a blog.

At the same time, the real value is being looked at by a lot more human eyes and minds at blogshares then probably ever will happen at a search engine, IMHO. There is real value to these trend & analysis tools implemented at blogshares. The tools are not only valuable to the gamers and members but also to bloggers and non-members interested in blogs. The tools are available for all to look through. Tools like these can always be improved and that is one thing they strongly promote at blogshares is improvement and community involvement. The feel of an open-source project is always present.

Want to know more, just visit their website here at http://www.blogshares.com

What Best?

Ok. Best thing and the bad thing, the bad thing first, you will get addicted once you start playing the BlogShares Fantasy Shares Market, the best thing, you get to learn more on how to differentiate things and thoughts, you are playing with other human users in the whole world and you are not playing with a computers AI, the calculation of winning and loosing is rely on both buyers and sellers. Whats goes up or down, it depends on either you sell, you buy or even the blog’s link went up or down or sometimes, beware that it could be due to another players trying to make you sell all your stocks just to buy your stocks of shares.(You’ll get what i mean, once you started it).

Exams Time

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yeah! its a time for books, notes, xerox copy coz it's a exam time..... and you can easily see house full banner(imaginary) in library, you won't get seat if you ain't early enough...

Kuch apni marji se padhte hai....

Aur kuch jabardasti...

[Picture Credits:Narendra] [Post Credits:Page3 @ AIM]

Cooolest Pets Paths

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pampering pets with designer goods isn't so unusual—and now even your houseflies can get outfitted in style. An entry in a German science-photo competition, this image shows a fly sporting a set of "designer" lenses crafted and set in place with a cutting-edge laser technique. The glasses fit snuggly on the fly's 0.08-inch-wide (2-millimeter-wide) head. Manufacturing firm Micreon GmbH submitted the insect's picture for the Bilder der Forschung (Photos of Science) 2005 competition. Selected images were on display last week in a Munich shopping center.

MBA 8 & MCA 5 Farewell 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

On the eve of 22 april 2006, MBA 9 gave farewell to us (MBA 8 & MCA 5)..... the theme was protagonist which means we had to dressed in renowned characters like Akbar, Zorro, Alexander etc...There are more than 800 pictures plus videos which I can't put each of them here so I've selected some unique snapz of our farewell, also I would like to thank MBA 9 for such a rocking night and the title which they had given to me which was "Multitalented - Karate Kid, Computer Wiz, Sportsman plus Dancer" I know It is pretty big..

And the Awards Goes to (Best Costume awards)
  1. Hanuman (Shiv Bhawani Singh Pathania)
  2. Alexander The Great (Me)
  3. Akbar The Great (Anush Sachdev)
  4. Ahsoka The Great And Cruela (Santosh Kumar Jena & Shweta Awasthi)

Bhaskar Kadian handed over the 'Golf Stick' to Subhodeep Paul of MBA 9 and Shuchi Monga was named the 'Stud Student of the Institute(SSI)' by Nadeem Mohammed.

Anil Kumar and Shweta Awasthi were crowned Mr and Miss AIM respectively and believe it or not Mr.Anil Kumar danced with Ms AIM to the tunes of a popular telugu number.The star attraction of the evening was the Prabhu deva steps performed by Mr.Rakesh Nair. And the end of party all boys gathered in front of girls hostel and sang many songs started from "Pyaar hamme kis more pe le aaaya from satte pe Satta"

Vivekanand ji(Anand), Me, Devdas(Kailash), Sunny Deol-"Nikla Gaddi Le ke"(Chanan), Zorro-"Garibo Ka Massihah"(Naveen), Akbar(Santosh) and Lalu ji(Raghab)

This me as Alexander the great

Mask of Zorro (Naveen), Viswamitra(Mohit), Hanuman(Shiv)

Me at dressing room(p block)

Alexander, Zorro, Ashoka the Great(Santosh) and as a CIA Agent(Vibhor Sir)

Narendrs, Me, Santosh, Rajpreet, and Naveen

Fido-Dido the 7 up Guy(Vinod sir), Vivekanand ji(Anand), Sunny Deol(Chanan), Viswamitra(Mohit), Wolvarine(Bhaskar), Me, Hanuman(Shiv), and Sharukh Khan(Prabhat Sir)

Vivekanand ji(Anand) and Adolf Hitler(Sanjiv)


Ivana, Japanese Girl(Abha), Hippi(Paridhi), Cruela-"101 Dalmatian"(Shweta) and Shrek(Mohi)

Ashoka the Great(Santosh) and Akbar the Great(Anush)

Akbar the Great(Anush) and Marilyn Monroe(Manisha)

Oceans Eleven(Sumit, Anil, Subhodeep, Sujoy, Navneet, Shankho, Abhiroop, Sunil, Ravi and Shibu) and Demi Moore(Shivinder) & Julia Roberts(Madhulika)

Richard Branson-"Aviator"(Nizam), Akbar The Great(Santosh), Akbar The Great(Anush) and Alexander The great(Me)

Ghost from "The Ring"(Deepinder), Heer(Amanbir) and Marilyn Monroe(Manisha)


Charlie's Angels(Deepti, Kanika and Ekta)

Akbar is getting ready for the show(Anush)

Akbar the Great(Anush)

Drakula(Akshay) and Vidya

Farzi Alexander(Deepak) and Aam Insaan(Rajpreet)

Gabbar(Nidhi), Black(Abhilasha) and Marilyn Monroe(Manisha)

Lara Croft(Urvashi)

Bhagat Singh(Theresa) and Pretty Woman(Parul) & Micheal Jordon(Baljinder Sir)

Shrek(Mohi), Zeenat Amman-"Hippi"(Shalini), Mr. India(Rakesh) and Basanti(Rashmi)

Mask Of Zorro(Roshni) and Amitabh-"Risthey mein to Hum Tumhare Baap Lagte Hain Naam SEHANSHA"(Sakshi)

Laloo ji(Raghab) and Harry Porter(Neha)

Mangal Pandey(Amit) and Pretty Woman(Parul)

Fido-Dido 7up(Vinod Sir) and Sunil Shetty -"Border"(Varad)

Micheal Jordon(Baljinder), Rajnikant(Lakhwinder), Prabhat, Micheal Jackson(Anil), Fido-Dido 7up(Vinod), Devdas(Hemant) and Naveen sir

Zeenat Amman-"Hippi"(Shalini) and Mr. India(Rakesh)

Santa and Banta (Nadeem&Ashish)

Tapori Aamir-"Ghulaam"(Deepak)

Update:25.04.2006 - By Demand-

Udham Singh -"MTV Show"(Varinder), Zorro(Naveen), Laloo(Raghab), Devdas(Jitendra), Devdas(Kailash), Sunny Deol-"Gaddar"(Chanan), Vivekanand Ji(Anand) and again that's Me


Anjali(poonam) & Ashoka The Great(Santosh)

Ashoka The Great(Santosh)

Richard Branson-"Aviator"(Nizam), Mira Bai(Priyanka) and Sania Mirza(Deepinder)

Me, Chanan, Naveen, Manoj sir and Santosh

"It does'nt matter what you appear, what matters is what's inside of you"


Shubhodeep, Harsh and Dawood Ibrahim (Prabhu)

Sunny Deo-"Border" and Sidney Cash-"Johnny Cash"(Sidharth Kharbanda)

And at the end of farewell party all boys (almost) Gathered in front of girls hostel and sang songs as a part of tradition which our seniors passed on. we started with our fav. song "Pyaar Hamme Kis More Pe le aaya"

[Picture Credits] [Narendra, Anush,
Avichal, Shubhodeep, and Anirban]

Find some more farewell coverage from-
  1. Ima-jena-tion (Santosh)
  2. The Pandora's Box (Poonam)
  3. Schon (Narandra)
  4. Its My LifE (Nidhi)
  5. NIMC Forum

Get Your Own Ambigram - Ambigram Maker

Friday, April 21, 2006

Ambigrams are words of Symmetry. They look the same when read upside down also.

Rajesh Ambigram

SaCreD MaTriX ambigram

To make Your Own Ambigram Click here

Also see - Angels and Demons - Ambigrams

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