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Angels and Demons - Ambigrams

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day before yesterday I finished Angels and Demons of Dan brown, and I found it as intresting as heard, actually reading books is not piece of cake for me, Coz I start reading with full of zeal but when I reach at the middle of a book I loose my all feel of reading actally I loose intrest that's why this time I did some homework before reading Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons of Dan brown which I read one after another and I found it so intresting that I finished Da Vinci Code in 9 hours in three shift and Angels and Demons in 8-9 hours in two shift. It's like an achievement for me.

The most intresting thing I liked in Angels and Demons is Illuminati's ambigrams, so I tried to draw but could'nt, John Langdon is the famous ambigram maker who created all the ambigrams of Angels and Demons book.

I liked all of these but Illuminati's Diamond is the most genius art work of Mr. John Langdon. Just try to click at the text of ambigrams once.

[Link] [John Langdon] [Ambigram Tutorial]

Hey rajesh...whoaa nice fonts eh...lissen I want to import all my comments and posts into my wordpress blog...yep...so how do i do that? dont tell me...copy and paste...cuz i am gonna die...anyways lemme know...byes :)    


well it's not just fints just click at the character and enjoy...

I can see that blogspot is loosing it's community to wordpress...

To import your comments -

1st get logged in>> goto import (which u can find at the task bar)>> select blogger>>type your blogger ID and PW>> then just select the blog>>It'll automatically import your all posts and commenst.....

simple :)

BUt can u give me your wordpress blog's url........    

Very interesting books indeed. Nice post here...    

great stuff i like it..    

Hi rajesh,
I think I should go n read These books, u mentioned, may b I'll get something cool stuffs.
Well, the ambigrams are cool esp. the Illuminati's Diamond.
Nice doing.........    

@Rajesh Warrier: Yeah it is very intresting...Thanx.

@Nadi: yepp it is I wonder how they make such things.

@Santosh: well you should but after examination.. haaaaan....    

the ambigrams r really cool...they hav inspired me 2 read the book. no doubt it must b very interesting coz i hav read Da Vinci Code n admire Dan Brown's writings.
how cud u finish Da Vinci Code in 9 hrs? Amazing!!! tats the spirit!
ur new blg is lukin gud.
have a nice day, take care...bye    

@Poonam: Yeah.............. I'm also in the list of great fan of Dan Brown....

Do you know that these Ambigrams are made by Mr. John Langdon who is the friend of Dan's Dad....can u resemble the name John Langdon with Robert Langdon...

U should read Angels and demons.... I rate it 8/10    

hey lovely..... where can i get the ambigram created of my own name?    

By Anonymous supriya on 6/25/2006 08:05:00 PM

if u find whr can i make my own ambigram like one of those in a&d ..pls reply here

By Anonymous supriya on 6/25/2006 08:06:00 PM

Question for all those who read Angels and Demons...
If Carlomengo had succeeded in his plans, what would he have done with the Hassassin ? the Hassassin would've committed 4 muders and awaited the destruction of the Vatican. Since Carlomengo pulls off the helicopter stunt and the Vatican is supposedly saved, how would he deal with an obviously disgruntled Hassassin?

Any Inputs/answers ?    

Answer is simple -

for Carlomengo he won't mind taking another life....    

hi i was wonder if it is all possible and u had time if u could make this name into an ambigram for a tattoo?! i would greatly appreciated. no words would be able to describe how much it would mean to me.

NANCY<-- thats the name    

By Anonymous Anonymous on 8/29/2006 02:31:00 PM

Yepp I can make... but where should i post it.. do u have any contact address...    

SOOO Cool! that earth/air/fire/water box one that spins is MEGA!    

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