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Do you believe in Ghost??

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I don't, I've encounter three times with ghost like creatures, still I don't believe in ghost, reason they simply don't exist. In my opinion ghost is creation of mental illusion, when our brain gets stimulated either by extreme pain or fear or anything else then it creates some kind of optical hallucination.

Take an example of optical hallucination : Every year in average 4000 people in US alone rise after death, and they claim that they have experience the life after death, all those things that usually everybody who rise after death talk about like they saw one bright tunnel through which they went to heaven blah blah... but experiments have proved that when our brain face extreme pain, just like before the death our brain starts showing fixed hallucinating images like bright tunnels, Eden garden etc.

Lets get back to the topic, actually what happens when someone see something which he couldn’t figure out and he feels that it is some kind of ghost like activity then he spread over exaggerated word of mouth and that WOM spreads with extra butter and spices to others this procedure continues. In villages you must have listen lots of ghost encounter stories they all are WOM and nothing else.

But still when I recall my three different encounters with ghosts then somewhere at my heart I do believe that there is something.

went on a ghost tour once..never saw anything..i wish we had done..it would have been a hoot...    


I'd encounter ghost thrice,

1st during midnight i saw long white creature with long tail

2ndly I saw one man with no head, roaming around during midnight

3rdly I saw one old man with strechly long hand (4 feet)    

Rana u encounterd ghosts or some cartoon characters.
ha ha ha ha    

By Anonymous Manoj Rawat on 4/10/2006 10:03:00 AM

u can say that...............

may it sounds cartoonisssssssssssh

but when we see ghost in front of us..

aage se gila aur piccche se pila ho jata hai    

you actually saw ghosts?? I am so scared of them that I probably wldnt live to tell the story!! ;-) nice post.. and this life-after-death thing is one of my favorite subjects... how so u explain a similar thing by ppl who r not in pain..    

May be... we are not smart enough to understand the strange behavior of brain and nature's too....    

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