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Farewell Din aaaya re aaya

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I think now our time in AIM is over coz yesterday I got following Invitation from our junis

Dear Mam/Sir (MBA 8),
On behalf of MBA-09 I take this opportunity to invite all of you for a rocking night at our very own LH2. Let’s remember the days gone by together with nostalgia the essence of the evening. This 22nd AIM rocks to new tunes. Hope to see all of you there.
Yours sincerely,
Abhishek Singh
(President Student Council)

Poster Designed by-
Narendra Kumar Singh

Hey the poster is designed well...though the placing of the fonts could have been improved or the font itself...but its nice...so the farewell is coming up...excited? sad??...anyways i finally made it yaar..have a wordpress blog...check it out...:) adios.    

yepp.... it is designed by our Juniors...

great...congratz for wordpress blog but honestly i did'nt liked your template....

why don't u create it in www.wordpress.com    

looking forward to it    

Hey i don't know which template you saw...but the new one kicks ass...well i kinda love it now...wordpress...hope u still come around..adios..byes    

great poster, Very catchy!    

@No One: I was talking about u'r 1st template with very dark shades....

now the template is good but one more thing I would like to ask and suggest that host.sk is providing space for u or they are simply providing wordpress blog............

coz the bandwidth they are providing is not sufficient coz of which many times it shows difficulty in opening the page might be possible that there is some error in my server.......

If u are using webspace and can load u'r own templates then I one very goodlink for for u -

Wordpress Templates    

@Suga: Thanx to our juniors............ today we have back ragging which means they are going to take our ragging...... we gonna enjoy these moments......    

Hey...it provides me with space...only 50 MB :(...yeah it prolly takes time to load it...well if you know any other service...let me know...all the good ones aren't accepting sign ups...I don't want to move back to blogger...host.sk is alright for now...i guess...if you know any other sevice...lemme know...btw i have checked out that site...anyways byes :)    

Ps: whenever you load my site...do you see any pop ups? was wondering...cuz whenever I do...I don't see any ads ...lemme know...i am just checking...byes :)    

@No One: yeah I can understand.... but u can also move to wordpress.com...

no i don't see any ads but i think after some time they'll push some ads..    

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