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ISB graduate gets Rs 1 crore salary offer

Thursday, April 06, 2006

While having my dinner last night, I heard in news that stidents from ISB B school bagged more than 1 crore as their annual salary so I tried to do some googling I found following info.

After IIMs, it is the turn of Hyderabad-based Indian School of Business (ISB) to hog limelight.A student of the Hyderabad-based ISB has broken all previous salary records after bagging an offer of Rs 1.04 crore from an Indian IT company."The highest international salary this year is $233,800. It crosses the magical Rs 1 crore and is up by 29 per cent from last year," said Rammohan Rao, Dean, Indian School of Business. This is the highest salary a student from any management school in India has ever been offered.
Quantum leap
Entry-level salaries to students from IIMs and the ISB have seen a quantum leap in the last two years alone.In 2005, an IIM Ahmedabad student was hired outside India for $1,52,000 per annum. In 2006, an IIM Banglaore broke that record by bagging an offer of $1,93,000.In India, an IIM Ahmedabad student was recruited for Rs 14.5 lakh in 2005. The number went up more than twice in 2006 when a student was hired for Rs 34 lakh.The trend continues at the ISB too. Last year, an ISB student was hired for $1,81,000 per annum for an overseas posting. It jumped to $2,33,800 this year.Within India, the highest offer in 2005 was Rs 20.5 lakh. This year it is Rs 30.33 lakh.But IIM-Bangalore is reconsidering its policy of going public with the students' salaries after toppers this year expressed their unhappiness over the publicity.

IT, real estate offers
The best offers to ISB students have come from the IT, real estate and health sectors. Female students have done much better than last year and have been hired for top posts like Chief Operating Officer (COO), Vice President and Head of International Marketing."It does feel good to be part of it. I am not looking at Rs 1 crore or breaking a record. But I have got what I wanted. I have got into finance," said Anindya who was recruited by Tata Motors as a manager.Enthused by the industry response to its students, ISB is planning to increase the strength of the 2006-07 batch from the present 345 to 400 plus.
News Source : NDTV Profit

Awesome Man    

yeah....it is.....    

IIMB will have a Singapore Shanty 4700 Sqft, 3 hour working day and just one faculty to conduct world class Management Education. I wonder if the above meets so called AICTE specifications. On the contrary ISB which has world class facilities at Hyderabad has been questioned by AICTE about maintaining standards. Its time the AICTE joke is called off. AICTE you stand exposed in your standards.    

thanx for such a eye opening info...

I do belive that this is little unfair from part fo AICTE..    

AICTE Punched by Court Orders

The Madras High Court, in an interim direction relating to the regulatory jurisdiction of the AICTE and the UGC over deemed universities, has instructed the former to issue a public notice advising students to attend classes.

Reserving its final order, a bench comprising Chief Justice A P Shah and Justice Prabha Sridevan said the AICTE in its advertisement should mention that students must return to their colleges, since failure to attend classes would result in their losing an academic year.

It must be published in English and Indian language newspapers, the judges said.

The bench indicated that orders would be pronounced in the third week of May and observed that all deemed universities must take prior permission from the UGC before starting new courses.

The AICTE could be part of the inspection team mandated to visit deemed universities, the judges added.    

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