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Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yesterday I chatted with Qwerty Maniac (Harsh J Chouraria) in google mail talk, a long ago he dropped one comment in my chat box and today i added his Gmail Id in my account and in my surprise i found him online we chatted for long and in between many times we got disconnected thanx to BSNL shitty connection. I liked his blog a lot but when i admit this to him, astonishingly i found him introvert coz he refused to take credit by saying that -

"what is great abt my blog... plz do tell me, I think its a piece of junk..., I jus post my ideas blah blah... it has non focused category blah blah, ok, lemme ask what was useful ? my blog is strange... doesnt come in personal nor news nor tech... :(("

he reminds me the class of entrepreneurship management in which our prof. HN Gupta once said there are different kinds people, one of them is who do great things but affraid of taking credits like Harsh

In this early morning 2:15 am i discovered that his blog is Top WordPress.com blogs of 04.04.2006

No, seriously, I dont blog for popularity ever, its good I got some regognition for the speed up post tho... geez, u remixed my dialogues up, i cant speak that fast :P    

whatever you say but i like blog...thats why it's so popular..    

Well, IMO its not good and only 1 post got hit... guess I will have to work on things more...    

yepp... best of luck i'm sure you can make it.... much better..to no. 1 position    

hey ! so u had something to do with that typo killer thats on the main page? or is it the other person?
khair...i chose to comment on this coz that thing on the main page always caught my eyes whenever i log in...and since u had some connection with it.

man! ur blog is soooo professional - hi-tech & stuff :P

will keep dropping in :)    


welcome to my blog....

yeah... we regularly chat with each other...

thanx :))))))))))    

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