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2nd day in company

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

yesterday after the 1st day induction peroid i thought that i've learned lots of things about the company but today I discovered that I've learnt only fraction of it. today I met with many new people and learned a lots of things, I can't disclosed anything what I've learnt coz it's against the policy of our company.

But few things I can share, there is only three things which I got to master in order to do my part of job to relate myself with our organisation.
  1. Know my product
  2. Know my market
  3. Master the relationship building

1st two are ok with me coz I can do it very well but I feel that I can face problem while building relationship coz here in India relationship building means buttering which I hate real bad. What I've observed that people don't know anything and still they are doing well just b'coz of ISRbt - Indian Satnadard Relationship Building Tectics.

In my openion you can build relationship by your work, you can impress others with exceeding their expectation with your work.

1st Day in Company

Monday, May 29, 2006

Officially me and my friends Jitender Joined our company on 27th may but on that day we just filled up the forms and went through medical check up, our companies doctors is like retired army officer...very strict.

So today our actual training has started as we joined here as a management trainee and we don't know anything about the companies whole procedure i mean how things is done over here so we are under induction period for one month. today we learned a lot and enojyed a lot while learning.

Only sad about the company is tht there is no Orkut..... which our server has banned from bombay headquater i don't know why... may be they want us to concentrate more on work then orkuting.

I'm Back

Blogging Sanyaas

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm in blogging Sanyaas (You can call it a break) for indefinite time cause till 24th I've my 4th sems exams and after that from 27th may onwards I got to join my company..... and there I don't know whether I could be able to continue blogging or not, but one thing is for sure that I'll never quit blogging.