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Blogging Sanyaas

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm in blogging Sanyaas (You can call it a break) for indefinite time cause till 24th I've my 4th sems exams and after that from 27th may onwards I got to join my company..... and there I don't know whether I could be able to continue blogging or not, but one thing is for sure that I'll never quit blogging.

kya bakwas hai... if u have taken bloggin sanyas then y u r posting new blogs.    

Dada.. aisa mat karo.... PUHLEEZ be back soon! And all the best for ur exams.    

best of luck for the exams buddy...:-)    

new look, new changes, badhiya hai...........
well, best of luck 4 exam    

@Narendra: yehi hai...Sanyaaas ka pratham rule..... ki vaivaharik jeevan se naaata mat todo....

@HDWK:hi..... thanx....

@NItesh:Hiiiiiii, and thanx..

@Santosh:thanx and thanx and same to you..    

ok the sanyaas thing is quite acceptable, and hope i can do the same thing........but why in gods name have u changed the look of the blog?????

is a really new look in the making, cause this is just so ordinaty and sorry but i dont like it at all........for any new blogger its fine but by your standards this is nowhere even near.    

Hey good luck...shouldn't you be studying...rather than updating your theme...ehehe...well its looks cute...hey I like the title 'Mast' friends...ha ha :) see ya.    

By Anonymous No One on 5/09/2006 05:04:00 AM

@Nidhi: well this template will be for sanyaas period only.....

"do u know that this template is highly demanded template in the world and and very few has it apart from google/blogger guys..."

@No One:thanx..u r right i must studyng but kya karooo my brain starts exploading when i study too much....    

Good luck wish u the best of luck!!    

@Nidhi: Back to same template....

@Suga: Hiiiii, thanx.....    

now this ones really looking nice,
by the way i think even i will have to go on a blogging sanyaas, cause my pg does not allow me to use a comp., so will have to go to the cafe whenevr i have time and thats difficult, moreover my comp. is going home, god knows how i will stay without it....    

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