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Free Energy - Perpetual Motion - Steorn

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I’'m reading a lot about Steorn and its free energy these days.

So I decided to write it down.

They Claim :

1. The technology has a coefficient of performance greater than 100%.

2. The operation of the technology (i.e. the creation of energy) is not derived from the degradation of its component parts.

3. There is no identifiable environmental source of the energy (as might be witnessed by a cooling of ambient air temperature).

"Their technology has been independently validated by engineers and scientists - always off the record, always proven to work."

If They are right then :
  1. We have to change 1st law of Thermodynamics.
  2. Never have to recharge our phone, never have to refuel our car. A world with an infinite supply of clean energy for all.
  3. Establish peace in middle east.
  4. Helps to understand universe.
  5. and lot more....
  1. Steorn WebSite
  2. Perpetual Motion Claim Probed
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Guardian
  5. Wired News
  1. Download Five-minute overview video - Sean McCarthy and Richard
  2. Live Chat Event Withn Sean McCarthy
  3. Energy in magnets
  4. FEYNMAN says it all!!!
  5. I wonder what powers UFO's

I'm not quite sure what these people actually do, ie the technical aspects of it, but if they are right, you have to change the foundations of science itself. Conservation of Energy and other such important results will be bunked.    

@Venkat: u are right........ it'll not only chnage the foundations of science but it'll also save our mother earth....... from pollution, wars(for energy).........    

i dont think it will be possible . bcz it is against the law of nature. but on the other hand we can also say nothing is impossible.if it happens then aotomobile sector will be big buisness.    

@Ravi: yepp but laws are meant to be broken...    

We can only hope they're right.    

@Abhishek: Yepp if they r rite then we'll see different worl after few years...clean and free world.... the race of gathering energy for tomorrow's uncertainty will be over......

just imagine a life of common man without the tension of load shedding and electric bills.......clean air...... a different world......    

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