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Life Line of Kolkata (Local Trains)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Journey in local trains of Kolkata is full of adventure and surprises, every time you'll meet with new kind of experiences either it is densely crowded compartment and a guy next to you is so that you can hear his breathing and more over you can smell it coz god knows when he last brushed his black teaths, or either it is perfect harmony of different Jhalmuriwalas or Badamwala who come one after one and shout 5 inch from you in order to create a need inside of you for those chatpati Jhalmuri and surprisingly you take out your wallet and ask it for Rs 2, Or either it is a guy who carries lots of Chinese goods who has one flat price for all the goods whether you choose a fancy Chinese Scale, bundle of needle or that toy gun which you wanted most when you use to go Dushara fair during your schools days but never pleased your mom to get one.

You can also find an old man sitting next to you (if you are lucky enough get one seat for you) then you can pray with god that please end this journey as fast as you can coz that old man won’t stop give up his lecture on todays youth until your stop comes.

Like that I found many people after starting traveling coz every Saturday I travel through local trains to visit my Mom and Bro. Yesterday when I was coming to Calcutta I heard a loud voice, a man was shouting with his full strength 1st I couldn’t understand what’s going on coz compartment was fully packed, and I was standing in of front door so that I can collect some fresh air to breathe, when I pushed myself little inside I saw a man with small booklets, at a glance I couldn’t get him coz he was shouting in peculiar style also my Bengali is very weak although I’m staying here in Calcutta from last 9 years but never tried to learn it fluently I can understand it but I got to concentrate on every single word. So when I concentrated upon his tone I found that he is asking questions.

Some of the questions were -

  • Do you know what the full form of SIM Card is?
  • Do you know who is the only female who grabed two noble prizes?
  • Do you know a 17 years old girl who circled this earth 7 times ?
  • Do you know any creature that has ear on his palm?
  • Do you know any family who got 4 noble prizes?

And he goes on asking such questions and everytime I come up with same answer "No".

First I thought that nobody is going to buy such booklet but that man marketed his product so well that everybody in that compartment now wanted to know what are the answers of those questions and within 10 minutes he was sold out.

SIM stands for Subscriber Identification Module

Marie Curie won two Nobel prizes and as far as I remember, it was for Physics and Chemisty.    

Interesting...glad to see that your back rajesh...and belated happy independance day to you :) see ya.    

By Anonymous No One on 8/20/2006 11:59:00 AM

@Nabeel: You are great......... and also it is her family who grabbed 4 Nobel prizes....

@NO One: Thankyou...    

Hmmm..Please could my link be renamed to "xAbhishek".


Hey welcome back!...
Interesting post...:)    

@XAbhishek- Roger....



Thank God u're back!!!    

You're tagged!    

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