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Orkut no longer requires an invitation !

Monday, October 23, 2006

I just got an email from my friend that Orkut no longer requires an invitation, it means Orkut really has fasten it's belt tighter to knock out other social networking services.

You can find me at Orkut, if you search Rajesh Rana at Orkut I'll there at 1st search page in between 1-5 top search results with more than 400 social networks.

JOin world's best Social Networking service -
http://www.orkut.com/JoinCreate.aspx, this is where you can create a new account for orkut.


How are you? Hope you are doing good. I want to know your opinion on two issues,

1) Orkut no longer requires an invitation. According to Google, the invitation was one of the reasons behind Orkut’s failure to compete with MySpace. Do you agree there? I think culture played an important role with orkut, Brazillians and Indians found it easy and their culture supports a larger friend circle and they love to keep in touch with their friends. I will like to know your opinion.

http://www.idealwebtools.com/blog/orkut-invitation/ (put your opinion here)

2) Orkut's reply button , do you think it is good? Isn't it killing the real orkut culture of visiting others scrapbook? Will like to know your opinion,


Hope you had a great Diwali. Wishing you all happiness and joy.


Social Networking

The first social networking website was Classmates.com, which began in 1995. Other sites followed, including SixDegrees.com, which began in 1997, Epinions which introduced the circle of trust in 1999, followed by European equivalents Ciao.com, Dooyoo and ToLuna. It was not until 2001 that websites using the Circle of Friends online social networks started appearing. This form of social networking, widely used in virtual communities, became particularly popular in 2002 and flourished with the advent of a website called Friendster. There are over 200 social networking sites. The popularity of these sites rapidly grew, and by 2005 MySpace was getting more page views than Google. [2] Google has a social network called orkut, launched in 2004. Social networking began to be seen as a component of internet strategy at around the same time: in March 2005 Yahoo launched Yahoo! 360°, their entry into the field, and in July 2006 News Corporation bought MySpace. [3].

In these communities, an initial set of founders sends out messages inviting members of their own personal networks to join the site. New members repeat the process, growing the total number of members and links in the network. Sites then offer features such as automatic address book updates, viewable profiles, the ability to form new links through "introduction services," and other forms of online social connections. Social networks can also be organized around business connections, as in the case of LinkedIn.

Blended networking is an approach to social networking that combines both offline elements (face-to-face events) and online elements. MySpace, for example, builds on independent music and party scenes, and Facebook mirrors a college community. The newest social networks on the Internet are becoming more focused on niches such as art, tennis, football (soccer), golf, cars, dog owners, and even cosmetic surgery. See also Social computing.

Most of the social networks on the internet are public, allowing anyone to join. Organizations, such as large companies, also have access to private social networking applications, known as Enterprise Relationship Management. They install these applications on their own servers and enable employees to share their networks of contacts and relationships to outside people and companies.

A recent development of social network is the integration of marketplace element in it, known as the Social Marketplace

Learn more about Social Learning>>

[Link] [Aji Issac] [Wikipedia]

hi rajesh,
interesting topic..
i thing both the steps taken by orkut are not justified..

first, if the invitation was not requeired there are more chances of fake identities in orkut which may again call out for more srickness in cyber laws....and;

second, going to another's scrapbook is a means to look soemone's profiel or look if soemthing new is added...
reply utton is cool and saves time but then if the user of orkut dont have problem whiel going to other's profile..
this change is of no use....    

I think orkut's reply button is awesome .. now one doesn't have to open many windows (consider a browser without tabs)    

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