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Add Language Translation Flags To Your Blog

Monday, November 06, 2006

I got this interesting n' useful stuff, thought you all will love it. -

What's you first reaction when you land on a website that's written in Russian, Chinese or Japanese ? Most of us would hunt for that English language translation flag and if that's missing, we will copy-paste the site address in Google Translate website or Yahoo Babelfish to convert the site content to English.

Way too much effort. Now let's reverse the roles and say somebody from China or Japan visits your blog (written in English). The foreign visitor will have exactly the same problems that you faced when you were visiting that non-English website above.

Since more than 65% of web users speak a language other than English, it is essential that you provide language translation features in your blog so that you don't miss the non-English speaking traffic.

So when an Arabic visitor passes your English blog, he or she can just click the Arab flag to translate the website into his native language - That way you don't loose a visitor plus he could even subscribe if the content is good even if written in another language.

Here's a quick tutorial to add language translation to your blog. You can be any blogging platform including Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress that provides access to templates. The visitor will see nine country flags corresponding to German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian languages.

All you have to do is copy-paste the following lines of Javascript code anywhere in your blog template.

All you have to do is copy-paste the following lines of Javascript code anywhere in your blog template.

Actually the above tutorial is an enhanced version of our previous Language Translation Tutorial which was a bit out of date since Yahoo acquired Babelfish and WorldLingo changed their translation URLs.

Though the machine translation powered by Systran is generally not as correct as the service offered by professional translators, not all of us can afford an human powered translation. Plus the non-English visitor can alway connect the dots and make some meaningful sense of your content.

There's no translation support for Urdu, Russian, Hindi, Telugu or other Indian languages.

Credits:Digital Inspiration

Yesterday I spent 5 hours to install this plugin http://www.nothing2hide.net/blog/2006/08/20/wordpress-global-translator-plugin/ on my blog.
My effort are useless.
(in effect I want add this plugin for you!)

Now I can try and after I'll go to say if this works!!


I see your email 2 minutes ago: now I respond it!

Thank you................

Buit I would like to share one thing that I tried many translation tools but not a single one satisfied me with perfect results.

I'm still waiting for the day when we'll have perfect translation tools which will not only translate mere word but also the enthu and sentiments of author....    

Half Miracle.

It works only with Firefox.
Instead with Explorer not works.

Tomorrow I try to implement another plugin...

SO THANKS VERY MUCH for your help!!!

Hi Rajesh!!    

dare dei calci di conservazione .............. Sono sicuro che potete farli…

"keep kicking.............. I'm sure you can do it..."    

I see that there is another plugin more complex for translations but it's use curl extension.
My server doesn't support it.

Instead I had an idea.. this weekend I try to apply it.


Keep kicking....

I'm sure u'll do it....

Orkut is the best way to keep in contact......

I'm not sure about the craze of Orkut in Italy but here in India... people are after it......
i've found my age old lost friends....

keep in touch......    

In Italy is the first time that I saw Orkut.
Casually in an italian blog (during my search for some plugin) I saw that a blogger sell his Orkut invitation and I understnd Orkut value.

Really I don't use very much this system (my contact are all centralized in MSN) but for you I try this system.

Hi Rajesh    

Orkut is a social networking service and it has been estimated that within 5 years it's business will grow rapidly with esimation of $ 580 mn.

I can understand it won't be much help for you unless your friends are there and as u know i frequently travel... so it's very useful for me coz i've many friends from different places... it is easy to oraganise them in orkut.    

And there is a link to a free online translator English/Russian & Russian/English (plug-in providing translation of Web-pages)


By Anonymous Anonymous on 11/08/2006 03:53:00 PM

THanx for the link but Kagliostro's blog is in Italian language.....    

Rajesh: this did not work on my IE also :-( but cool tool!    

Since we are talking translations here, I am wondering if Rajesh knows of any translation engine that can translate Nepali to English. One of my friends, after reading my post in Nepali, asked me this question and I couldn't find one. Thought may be you might have more knowledge on this than I do. Cheers!    

@ Mahesh: I tried a lot but I could'nt find it.... touch luck...    

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