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Back to the College

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Remembering my classmates after few years
My eyes were filled with tears
Everyone now is busy a lot
No one escaped destiny's plot

Saw the girl, whom once i thought my best friend.
Oops!Today she is someone else's girl friend.
After months, remembered about her for a little while.
Heard she is happy, that made me smile.

Project reviews to campus interviews.
Nicknames to last bench games.
Cultural rehearsals to love proposals.
Short term crushes to classroom blushes.

Everything is fresh in our mind.
Wish life could just rewind.
Let's laugh, play and rejoice.
Once again become college guys.

Chatting and laughing, we all were in elation.
Till the painful moment of separation.
When it was time to part.
We returned with a heavy heart.

Today life is full of commitments.
And too many worries.
But those cherished moments.
Will live forever in our memories!!

Sigh brings back memories..
How r u matey?    

Fine............... :)    

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