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Resolutions for the year of Bond 007

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1) Switching to Vegetarian food (partially) - No chicken, no Mutton, no Giraffe, no elephants only Fish (good for health) (only small fishes not whale and sharks)
Reason - I'm gaining lots of weight (8 kilos in 7 months)

2) No Daru Saru - I've started intake of alcohol for the 1st in my life from 31st dec 2006 2006 - REASON - I was getting alienated from my MBA 8 subgroup (RGP), before that I used to say that I get very violent after having alcohol in order to avoid alcohol offerings after MBA Now I don't think so that I need to have it any more.

3) Never hurt myself anymore (emotionally)

4) I'll start working out to maintain my waist line no more aaaram.....(recently bought Nike Joggers)

5) I'll start enjoying every single second of the journey of my life. (fulltooo masti no regrets n' lookin back)

6) Will buy Nikon Coolpix S9 and iPod Nano.

"Gals are like high investments with Zero ROI(Return on investment) with lots of emotional losses."---> ahahaha...hey come...we aren't that bad!....I might just borrow resolution # 5...we should enjoy each and every second of our lives...cuz we live only once after all ...right? Good luck with the jogging!...see ya.    

By Anonymous no one on 1/03/2007 07:14:00 AM

Yepp.... #5 is very important.........
we are here for the first and last time only....... if we waste this life in just regreting our past then there no use of our life..... enjoy have fun...    

hi.......so someone is making new year resolutions,nice to see the initiative been taking.....epecially about gals..and am really proud that u r still the blogging flag bearer....cheers and keep it up.    

By Anonymous nidhi n. on 1/03/2007 08:26:00 PM

thankyou.... thankyou.....

App HSBC se bahar aaye to blog karengi na........    

Wah! Wht amazing resolutions!

A heartbreak can be hajar devastating, but eventually, it all gets well, and oopar se the joke is that you might also fall in love again! Chemical locha mere bhai, sab dimaag mein chemical locha hai.    

sahi bola bhai....... Chemical Locha........LOL    

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