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Yahoo Pipes : A break through

Friday, February 09, 2007

I prefer Google reader to keep myself updated in lil net-e world which has more than zillions of pages which keep updatin every second, n' itz impossible to visit them everytime n' check wether they got somethin new or not, so I use Google reader cause it’s the best RADAR as far I know to track the sites which gives me uncluttered simple view of my favorite feeds, from last 9 months the time from when I got employed I’m using it extensively cause I get few minutes to get myself updated i know I’m too busy.

I’ve noticed that from last 48 hours my Lil Google reader has piled up with feeds of Pipes of yahoo, everybody is writing about it from the time it has launched (7th feb 07) . So I thought I should try to find out what the heck it is I thought I should also pen down something about it some of my findings. Well I don’t have any extraordinary findings it’s all the same crap that geeky people is writing about from its documentation page. So here I go.

What is Pipes?

Pipes is a free online service that lets you remix popular feed types and create data mashups using a visual editor. You can use Pipes to run your own web projects, or publish and share your own web services without ever having to write a line of code.

Confused what da hell it is??

Well it means you can use Pipes to pick a few feeds to retrieve data from, set up rules for processing the data which is provided by those feeds, prompt for user input in your processing, and then output the processed results as another feed or object format for use in your own applications. In the simplest case, you can apply some straightforward rules to a feed and then subscribe to the end result. – Anil Dash

Pipes can take any feed as input, and combined with the already available list of functions proves to be very powerful, It was inevitable that such a product would be released, and it is very good for Yahoo! that they managed to be the first of the big web companies to release such a product. - Nik Cubrilovic

Enough from experts, now listen to me-

Well folks continue to blow me away with what can be done with JavaScript and Ajax. Seriously. Yahoo Pipes is amazing. Truly. I can remix various feeds make out my kind of mashup by filtering out non-essentials feeds that I really don’t care about. The beauty of Pipes is its simplicity. Anyone can get it in few minutes well just once go through the modules function and start building Pipes in few minutes you don’t need to be Geeky Plumber to setup the Pipes. I can build my Pipes, share it and host it all for free. The best thing is that I can clone others Pipes, edit it, make changes and give it’s my own name . My mind is still buzzing thinking about all that can be done with Pipes.

The easiest way to understand Pipes is to build one yourself - try editing one of our sample Pipes for a quick start.

So I tried to make my own Pipes

My first target was Indiatimes RSS feed

Just go through it http://info.indiatimes.com/rss/#etfeeds

You can find that there is so many RSS feeds, If I go on subscribing them then it’ll consume my whole day also left bar will filled up Indiatimes feeds only they do have combined all feed to single OPML feed but Google reader can’t read OPML feeds. But when I learn about Yahoo Pipes I said yessssssssssss…..Now I can grab all latest news from Times of India

I'm not goin to describe here how I made my 1st Pipes to run coz I'm not in mood to write long post.

just have a look at my 1st Yahoo pipes

Here it is.. just click This>>

Click on picture to have a closer look

After successfully creating one pipes feed my curiosity jumped upon the 13th floor so I thought lets try another one

so here is the list of 7ven pipes that i created-

Indiatimes Pipes

The Times of India Pipes

The Economic Times Pipes

Merging all the AIMK Blogs

Italian Friends Blog

Merging all the Nepali Blogs

Merging All the Nepali Photo Blogs

Hitch(ki) in the Pipes

Not everything is flowing smoothly as it seems to betill now the only hitch that I found in smoothly running Pipes is the prob-lemo wid pubdate, first I couldn't understand whats going cause when I Merged all AIMK blogs and run the pipe I got strange order of feeds at the begining I thought I must have done something wrong and tried to rearrange the modues like ascending and descending order of pubdate but tough luck later when I went through discussion board I got it whats wrong.

Well the element in RSS is based in the 1982 RFC822 Date Format (Sat, 09 Feb 2007 10:00:01 GMT) rather than the ISO 8601 Date Format the most XML formats conform too.

.. the sort function sorts them alphanumerically instead of recognising them as dates - so a descending sort starts with dates beginning Fri, then Mon, Sat, Sun, Thurs, Tues, Weds - that's why people are seeing such weird sort orders!

Just can't help myself from getting weirdo sequence of feeds.

Good thing is that their developers know about it say it's on their ToDo List.

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