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Monday, June 25, 2007

Testing template

Monday, June 18, 2007

Give me feedback.....I know it's totally hat ke from my style still i need change......... so give me genuine feedback....

Intel Multiply Your Grooves Ad Campaign @ City Centre, Kolkata

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Today I got my groove on at Intel's YouTube exhibition at City Centre, Kolkata where Intel technicians demonstrated how the same effect created in Intel's Multiply campaign could be done using consumer hardware and software thanks to Intel's Core2Duo dual core processors, and the next generation of Core2Extreme and Core2Quad featuring four compute engines on one chip. People danced in front of the green screen and Intel produced videos that where then uploaded onto YouTube right from the Intel booth.

"Check out my Gooves in following You Tube Video.... I started a bit late as video rolled on coz the music was not that loud. also the mixing of three cam is not that good for first few seconds. but later it catch up and goes in syncro....... i danced in soundtrack of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna "it's the time to disco", I asked intel ppl to play some trance but they didn't may be they knew the taste of the crowd.....What ever but it was great I enjoyed it a lot, hundreds of people were watching me, when i finished up with song.. crowds yelled out very loud and intel ppl said "Do i need to say for applause.... look at the crowed.... wow...."

Techie funda behind it
What they do is that they take the video that has been captured here on the greenscreen and they basically breaking it up in four/three pieces and laying those — so that they’re easily overlaying each other and then using the Adobe Premiere Elements. they use it with what’s called Chroma Key, telling the computer that, that particular color of green remove it any place you see it from the frame. So, then you could see the multiple instances through each other. So, now that gives you the ability to put whatever background you want. Just like the undated (ph) TV news, but is that requiring tens of thousands of hardware. They’re using a Rs 2000 application in their performance PC/Laptop. So, here they’ve used a Core2Duo PC/Laptop. So, they got a lot of computing power to be able to render out these files very quickly and keep people moving through So, it does take hours to render, it takes just a minute. they give your CD in just 9 minutes which include processing your footage and burning data in CD well burning don't take that much time coz it's only 8.86 MB video they just curbed my 4 min video into 53 seconds... so sad.... i want my full length video..... :((

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