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Latest Methods to Cheat in Exam

Monday, February 12, 2007

This morning I got following forwarded message, very interesting developments and use of technology-


Latest Methods to Cheat in Exam


Well, the conventional way of cheating is over! Let's look at the latest way !

1. Type out your notes in the computer:


2. Make sure to resize the font size 6:


3. Print out the notes with your own printer:


4. Make copy of the note using "toner based" photo copier:


5. Stick a layer of transparent adhesive tapes (eg:Scotch Tape) on the copied notes:


6. Cut them into strips according to the size of the adhessive tape:


7. Soak the strips in cold water:


8. After a few minutes, peel off the adhesive tape from the paper carefully:


9. You will be able to see that your notes have been transfered to the tapes:


10. If you are so lucky to have a clueless teacher, you may just bring the adhesive notes into the exam hall and stick it directly at the answer sheet


11. Alternatively, you may have to stick it on your pen before you go into the exam hall:


12. Or you may also stick it on your drink:


Good luck on your exam !

daim! i would rather use the time spent making these cheat sheets...to study!!    

By Anonymous No One on 7/03/2007 11:52:00 AM

Too Much!!

Like No One, i was also hopeless in the art of cheating. I thot it was much simpler to just study and know ur subject.

But the gud thing is, stuff i learnt way back then comes in handy even today, incl. the stuff i learnt in college.    

why r u telling . secrets ..
let the junior inovate ...    

yep.. studying is far more easier than these things....    


I loved the sticking on the drink example :D    

as time move on... the more innovative tricks they come up with :-)    

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