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Resuming Sacred Matrix blog

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've started blogging in September 2005 nearly 3 years ago, and sacred matrix is one of my 1st blog from which i'd learnt a lot about blogging and all with so many experiments with template and everything but never felt of monetizing it coz there was no need but as soon as i registered my domain for further learning i felt of generating some revenue to fund my online presence although one of my blog is converting my online content value into monetary value handsomely.

But yesterday i got 10th reminder that my bandwidth is about to expire with 98% of usage that triggered an alarm that what if somehow i won't be able to increase my bandwidth or somehow i cud'nt carry on my personal domains cause i travel frequently through out the month and sometimes i won't get time to check even my mail box then how i'll keep up with my blog. so i've thought of resuming this sacred matrix blog once again as if somehow (touch wood) i won't be able to access my personal blog then i'll express myself through this blog maintaining my online presence and earn some dollars to fund my online presence.